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    Middle name for Corinne?

    This name always felt "so so" to me and I never thought much of it, but recently I have been really loving it. It sounds great with our last name and our sibset. I think my husband would even like it cause he'd have an opportunity to call her Corie (he loves boys names for girls.. I'd probably just stick with Corinne!) Anyways, the major issue I have with the name is finding a middle for it!! I find that Corinne flows well AS a middle name so much of the time, but can't figure out what middle name can compliment it.

    To make things harder, I'm really looking for Irish or Irish-y middles. Corinne Fiona came to mind right away and while I do like it, I'm not sure the flow is as great as it could be. Please help, thanks!
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    Hmm... You're right, finding names that flow well with Corinne and are Irish is super difficult! It seems like the names I like don't flow that well, and the names that do flow well aren't all that awesome. What do you think of:

    Corinne Mckenna/Mackenzie
    Corinne Cassidy
    Corinne Aisling/Ashlyn
    Corinne Skye
    Corinne Ellis

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    Corinne needs a middle that is either 1 syllable or if it has 2 it hopefully has 2nd syllable emphasis so the cor-INNE doesn't run into WHAT-ever.

    Fortunately some Irish middles are cooperative.

    Corinne Mairead
    Corinne Sinead
    Corinne Siobhan
    Corinne Maeve

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    Corinne Fiona is great! Two of my favorite names actually!

    Corinne Shawn- ok I know most berries are anti boy names on girls but this one is long-standing and Corinne is so femme & it's the mn spot! I also like this spelling for girls!

    Corinne Kelly- I think this is spunky & sparkly

    Corrine Maeve- love this idea!

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