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    My name is Sam Avery Allerson-Vermedi I grew up in Houston, Texas. I grew up in a loving home and was raised by my single mother Kimberly Rosa Allerson with my younger sister Abigayle Leighton Allerson. This a picture of the house I grew up in:

    When I was 19 I started college at Bridgewater State University majoring in History. There i met the love of my life Kheredine Joel Vermedi through a friend. He grew up in Colombus, Ohio and was majoring in business.

    After College we settle down. I found a job as a Historian at a museum and Kheredine became a business owner. After dating for 7 years, when we were 26, he proposed over a dinner at a fancy restaurant. We had a beach wedding in the bahamas and later found an apartment in Boston, Massachusetts. Here it is:

    We had 3 kids together. Our oldest is Reichen Joel, he's 11. Our two daughters are Rayna Avielle and Aria Belle, who are both 9. We also have two dogs. A pug named Muffin and a boston terrier name Cupcake.

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    Your name: Hannah Louise Carter

    Where did you grow up?
    9. Dallas, Texas

    Were you adopted? Roll the dice
    Even #: yes

    If yes, how old were you and why were you given up?
    7 or 8: Your were three years old when your birth mother left you outside an orphanage.

    Do you ever try to find your birth parents?
    Even #: yes

    If yes, what are the names of your birth parents? Kathleen Margret Hudson and Victor Kevin Franks

    What are the names of your adoptive parents? Michael David Carter and Georgia Kathryn Carter

    Did you have any siblings?
    Even #: yes

    If yes, how many?
    3 or 4. One sister
    Names: Tiffany Sophie Carter

    What house did you grow up in?

    What college did you go to? Kansas State University

    What did you major in? Roll the dice
    1. English

    What career path do you take? High School English Teacher

    DH's name: Jamie Thomas Hansen

    Where did he grow up?
    7 or 8. Charlotte, North Carolina

    What does he do for a living?
    6. Contractor

    Did he go to the same college as you?
    Odd #: no

    How did you meet him?
    6. Through your ex-boyfriend

    How long do you date for? 18 months

    How does he propose? On holiday in the Bahamas

    What kind of wedding & honeymoon do you have. - Blue and Brown with hints of orange. Takes place at a beautiful all inclusive venue. Small day and ceremony with a big evening. Perfect day followed by the perfect honeymoon in Australia and New Zealand

    Where do you settle down after your wedding?
    5 or 6: Denver, Colorado

    What does your house look like? We built our own as hubby is a contractor!

    How many kids do you have?
    8. Three boys and a girl
    Names (in your choice of birth order):
    Ryan Austin Hansen - 12
    Owen Vaughan Hansen - 10
    Caitlin Eloise Hansen - 7
    Joey William Hansen - 3

    Do you adopt any kids? (your choice of international or domestic)
    Odd #: no

    Do you have any pets?
    Odd #: no

    Hannah and Jamie -

    Ryan -

    Owen -

    Caitlin -

    Joey -

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    Your name: Ayla Hazel Sorenson

    Where did you grow up? San Jose, California

    Were you adopted? no
    If not adopted, who raised you? Single dad
    Names: Jack Robert Sorenson

    Did you have any siblings? Yes
    If yes, how many? Two younger sisters
    Names: Natalie Danielle Sorenson and Vanessa Madeline Sorenson

    What house did you grow up in? (your choice)
    What college did you go to? University of California Berkeley
    What did you major in? Fashion Design
    What career path do you take? A clothing designer

    DH's name: Bryden James Meyers

    Where did he grow up? Memphis, Tennessee
    What does he do for a living? Doctor
    Did he go to the same college as you? No

    How did you meet him? Our fathers had been childhood friends, until the Meyer's family moved to Tennessee. Jack reconnected with Bryden's dad, Mitchell, and Ayla and Bryden where introduced.

    How long do you date for? They dated for 4 years.
    How does he propose? He takes her to their original meeting spot, which just happened to be on a cruise ship and proposes to her at exactly the same time that they originally met, telling her that it had been the best moment of his life.

    What kind of wedding & honeymoon do you have? They have a traditional wedding in the church before honeymooning to Greece for three weeks.

    Where do you settle down after your wedding? Portland, Oregon
    What does your house look like? (your choice)

    How many kids do you have? Two boys and a girl
    Names: Declan Jude (9), Wyatt Jackson (7), and Carys Laurel(5)

    Do you adopt any kids? Yes. We adopt my nineteen year old sister Natalie's three children after her drug addicted boyfriend leaves her when she tells him that he needs to get clean for their children and she has no means to provide for them on her own. She enjoys seeing them for visits but is also very happy with where they are at and hopes of settling down and getting married in a few years. It takes some time but eventually she refers to herself as Aunty, rather than Mommy, though all three of the kids will always know that she is their biological mother.
    Genders: Girl, Boy, Boy
    Names (in order of age): Riley Madelyn(3), Liam Asher(9m) and Hudson Finn(9m)

    Do you have any pets? Yes
    What kind of pets and how many? We have three cats, Lila who is a six year old torti, Zoey who is a three year old tabby, and Simon who is a 18 month old torti. We also have a dog, Cleo, who is a shih tzu, and a Paint horse, Maximum, who we call Maxi.

    Ayla and Bryden:
    Carys (blonde) and Riley (redhead):
    Liam and Hudson:

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    My name is Emily Christine Keller. I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was raised by my single father named Byron Jesse Keller because my mother died after complications with my birth. I was accompanied in growing up by my two older brothers: Adam David & Isaac Graham. I grew up in a small ranch style house with 3 bedrooms. I attended college at BYU-I, majoring in Journalism.
    I meet Joseph Nelson Grant while in college. (We attend the same school.) He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He went to college for business, and now owns his own business. We date for 1 year before proposing. He proposed by putting the ring around a rose and giving it to me. We have a temple marriage and then take a honeymoon in Hawaii. We then settle in Denver, Colorado.
    We have 3 children, two boys and a girl named Dominic Ezra, Micah Gabriel, & Lily Faith.
    Cleo Magnolia | Noa Jean | Indie Ophelia | Zinnia Margot | Aubrey Thea | Evanna Daisy
    Wendy Adelaide | Selah Bridget | Harlowe Astrid | Kit Delilah

    Gideon Knox | Callum Vade | Porter Elias | Corban Atticus | Fletcher Dean | Clayton Miles
    Zion August | Deacon Tate | Lachlan Wyatt | Luca Prescott

    vote on my name list:

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    Leeds, Uk
    My name is Sophie Amelia James.
    I grew up in San Jose, California.
    I was raised by my dad Paul Stephen James. I never met my mum, she died when I was very little only two years old in a car accident. I nearly died too but she protected me but lost her life doing so, I only remember her vaugly by pictures.
    I have a brother and a sister, they were five and nine when my mum died. They're called Alex Michael James [9] and Poppy Rose James [5].
    I grew up in a beautiful modern 5 bedroom house where I was born and raised.
    I went to San Jose State University and majored in History as I am wanting to become and Archiologist.

    My DH's name is Jonny Gregory Holden.
    He grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina.
    He works as a contractor.
    I met him at the local bar when I was out drinking with some friends from College.
    We dated for Two long amazing years!
    Jonny takes me out again to our local bar where we first met on our Two year aniversary, gets down on one knee and says " Sophie Amelia James ever since I first saw you.... drunk off your head with your friends I knew you were the one for me! I love you with everything I have and want to spend the rest of my life with you so, Soph will you please do me the honour of being my wife?! "
    We have an amazing small town fairytale wedding with everything I'd ever wanted and we honeymoon in Greece for 2 weeks.
    After our wedding we settle down in Portland, Oregon. We own a beautiful family house and I can't wait to have children.
    We have Three girls and one boy. We go on to call them Liberty Jane, Oscar George, Georgia Grace and Isabel Louise.
    We also have two dogs and a cat. Two gold labs called Buttercup and Daisy and a Ragdoll cat called Maisy.

    The Holden Family -

    Sophie & Jonny.

    Liberty 'Libby'


    Georgia 'Georgie'

    Isabel 'Belle'




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