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    I did this as a fictional character..In a blog.

    Hi guys. This is my first blog so I thought you could get to know me. My name is Alaina Rose Carter. I look a little like this... Well I guess a lot like her considering I AM her. Well yeah that's me.... But I'm from San Antorio Texas. A big city. My type. I was adopted by my beautiful parents Sue and Ludwig. My Mom was a drug dealer and who knows were my father is. But oh well my life was good. I was an only child so pretty much spoiled to the bone. We were pretty rich so we lived in a nice house. I didn't have a lot of friends so I just hung out and blogged... LOL!

    At the age of 18 I moved to California to go to college. I majored in Education. I decided being a first grade teacher would be fun and entertaining. So I stayed in Cali and started teaching at an amazing school.

    A year into teaching I went to an Art Show on a field trip with the kids. A guy there caught my eye. Jake. An inspiring artist. I aparently went to the same college as him not knowing it too. We dated for 8 months before he proposed. He just did at the same place we met! It was adorable! We had a small simple wedding and honey mooned in France.

    We decided to Settle in Portland Oregon. I decided to stay more at home and just do some volunteer work. Jake was making okay money but we couldn't afford a lot.

    We ended up having 5 babies.

    Lucy Mae was born on October 9th 2016.

    Derek James was born on October 8th 2017.

    Mackenzie and Maddie

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    Your name is Lydia June Meadowbrooke and you are twenty years old. You live in San Jose, California with your father, Charles Franklin Meadowbrooke. Your mother, Julia Hope Meadowbrooke, died when you were young. You have two older brothers named John Franklin (twenty-four years old) and Theodore Paul (twenty-three years old). Originally your family lived in a classy suburban home, but after your mother's death your family relocated to an apartment in the city.

    You leave home at eighteen to attend the University of Washington, majoring in Education. Upon graduation you get a job in Seattle teaching preschool-aged children. You love your job, but miss home and your family a lot. Every winter and summer break you travel back home to San Jose.

    While you are teaching in Seattle you begin dating a co-worker, one of the grade four teachers. His name is Reggie Nathaniel Pollock. He is from Memphis, Tennessee, and also attended University of Washington. He graduated two years before you, but he skipped a grade in school so he is only one year older than you. You were first introduced to him by another co-worker, the principal of the school you both work at. You and Reggie date for three years. You spend half of your summer break in San Jose with Reggie and the other half meeting his family in Memphis.

    Finally, when you are twenty-five years old, Reggie proposes. It's summer break and you are back home in San Jose. Reggie plans a weekend getaway to San Francisco. He rents a beach-front bungalow and cooks a simple dinner for the two of you. After dinner you go out to the beach and stargaze. Suddenly Reggie gets down on one knee and proposes! You say yes, of course!

    Later that year you and Reggie are married in a simple church wedding in Seattle. The wedding is in Seattle so both families can travel to you and Reggie's new home- you've both decided to stay there after much deliberation as to whether to move closer to your family in San Jose or Reggie's family in Memphis. You and Reggie honeymoon in Hawaii for two weeks after the wedding.

    Upon returning from your honeymoon you and Reggie settle in to your new home. It has three bedrooms and is near the top of a hill, so you have a beautiful view of the city from your front window.

    Two years after your wedding, you discover you're pregnant! You give birth to a healthy son, whom you and Reggie name Declan Charles Pollock. Another two years later you are pregnant again. You have another son, whom you and Reggie name Elijah Memphis Pollock. One year after Elijah's birth you are pregnant again with your last child. It's another son, whom you and Reggie name Marcus Gideon Pollock.

    DH (31): Reginald Nathaniel Pollock "Reggie"
    DW (30): Lydia June Pollock
    DS (3): Declan Charles Pollock
    DS (1): Elijah Memphis Pollock
    DS (nb): Marcus Gideon Pollock

    Reggie and Lydia Pollock and their three sons; Declan, Elijah, and Marcus.
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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    My name is Emilia Marie Holden.
    I grew up in Chicago, Illinois, in a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home in the suburbs with a cute deck and gorgeous garden.
    I was adopted as a newborn as my teenage biological parents decided they were incapable of raising me and chose my {now} family to raise me instead. I have never felt the urge to look for my birth parents, although my family would support me fully, it's just not something that I have wanted to do. Whether or not I want to in the future though is unknown.
    I have a younger brother and sister. Scott Joseph Holden and Alana Louise Holden.
    I went to NYU and majored in Criminal Justice.
    I work as a Lawyer.
    My husbands name is Maxwell Andrew Walker, he grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    Max is an Architect and we met on a blind date. We dated for 2½ years before he proposed and we married 6 months later. We have a smallish wedding with only our close friends and family attending. We have a long honeymoon {three weeks}. We had just one week planned as it was all we could afford but our parents surprised us by paying for another week each! So we spent a week in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, a week in Honolulu, Hawaii and a week in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
    We settle in Seattle, Washington and get down to raising our family.
    We have 5 children, 3 biological and 2 adopted.
    DS [5] - Dominic Nathaniel Walker
    DD/DD [3] - Lydia Catherine Walker / Heidi Imogen Walker
    ADS [1] - Caleb Sebastian Walker
    ADS [nb] - Zachary Romeo Walker

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    The Netherlands
    Your name: Anna Felicity Marson

    Where did you grow up? Roll the dice
    4. Houston, Texas

    Were you adopted? Roll the dice
    Even #: yes

    If yes, how old were you and why were you given up?
    7 or 8: Your were three years old when your birth mother left you outside an orphanage.

    Do you ever try to find your birth parents? Roll the dice
    Odd #: no

    What are the names of your adoptive parents?
    Mary Elizabeth Bridger and Aaron John Bridger

    Did you have any siblings?
    Odd #: no

    What house did you grow up in?

    What college did you go to?
    University of Houston

    What did you major in? Roll the dice
    3. Fashion design

    What career path do you take?
    Fashion designer

    DH's name: Nathaniel Andrew "Nathan" Marson

    Where did he grow up?
    9 or 10. Memphis, Tennessee

    What does he do for a living?
    9. Business owner

    Did he go to the same college as you?
    Even #: yes

    How did you meet him?
    3. Through a co-worker

    How long do you date for? Three years

    How does he propose? On New Year's Eve, right before midnight.

    What kind of wedding & honeymoon do you have? A small wedding with family and close friends on June 7th and a honeymoon in South-Africa.

    Where do you settle down after your wedding?
    9 or 10: Richmond, Virginia

    What does your house look like?

    How many kids do you have?
    4. Three boys
    Names (in your choice of birth order): Elias Joel Marson, Ezra Felix Marson and Jasper Rory Marson.

    Do you adopt any kids?
    Even #: yes

    If yes, how many?
    7 or 8: your choice
    Genders: girl
    Names (in order of age): Hazel Mae Marson

    Do you have any pets?
    Even #: yes
    What kind of pets and how many? A female cat named Gypsy.

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    Me: Linnea Rose Reid.

    Home: Chicago, Illinois.

    Birth Mother: Evelyn Anne Redmond.

    Birth Father: Benjamin Michael Redmond.

    Adoptive Mother: Nora Elizabet Reid.

    Adoptive Father: Evan Bennett Reid.

    Sister: Francine Katheryn Reid.

    Brother: Wyatt Leonard Reid.


    College: University of Phoenix, English Degree.

    Career Path: Teaching.

    Husband: James Hayden Cyrus.

    Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Career: Artist.

    Home: Boston, Massachusetts.

    1. Terence Micheal Cyrus.

    2. Piper Wilhelmina Cyrus.

    Dog: Zambezi.

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