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    My name is Charlotte Madeline Snow. I was born in New York, New York: to be specific, in a red-brick studio apartment on the Lower East Side. Our little home had three little bedrooms, two little bathrooms, and one room that functioned as a living room, dining room, and kitchen. We always had it decorated with framed abstract art and there was always a fat container of coffee grounds on the dining room table. My mother, Rebecca Jean Snow, died two months after I was born. She died from a cancer that had stricken her all her life. So, from then on, my life at home consisted of my three-years-older-than-me brother, Christian Everett Snow, and my father, Timothy Christian Snow. My dad owned a restaurant three blocks away from the apartment, an upscale place called the Appaloosa where couples went for expensive entrees and enormous, reveled desserts. My father worked as manager and head chef. Life was simple for us; my brother and I went to the best schools our dad could afford. I made friends with the girls who liked to draw and spent my school days through a schedule of art classes – ceramics, painting, drawing, art history. I spent my weekends drawing with colored pencils pictures of elegant models wearing fashions I had designed. When it was about time for me to graduate high school, I was accepted into the Rhode Island School of Design. Ready for something new, I left New York to major in fashion design.

    In a hasty whirlwind, I had soon graduated from college with a whole array of new talents. One talent I had discovered in myself was my knack for doing movie costumes. I decided right away that I wanted to move to Hollywood and hopefully get hired to the set of any movie at all. With a ton of persuading my brother and father, they finally allowed me to move to a tiny apartment building in LA. The first movie I was hired for was a low-budget movie with B-list actors and a corny plot. After two years of designing, measuring, and making fashionable friends on the set, the movie had just barely made it into theaters. The reviews for plot and acting were heartbreaking for the story writers and actors, but there was an enormous raving for the costumes in the movie. The movie was then nominated for the Best Costume Design Oscar, and won it. I was the one who got to accept the award, wearing my most fashionable dress and smiling through happy tears. The next day, I was in the LA Times as the debut designer who had won an Oscar in her first movie. I was soon hired for another set, this time a movie about a gossipy court, a brave young princess, and a broken kingdom.

    Now, this movie had famous actors and actresses strutting all about the set and an extremely stringent, yet artistically geeky, director. One day, right in the middle of filming, the costume department had the day off because the makeup department had put all of their supplies in our wing and the eyeshadow had spilled everywhere overnight. So, naturally, my work friends and I went out to a bar called LA 15. There, a man came up to us and recognized me as the girl from the paper. I was quite embarrassed to be recognized, but he was friendly and had a kind smile. He introduced himself as John Collin Merriman, and I quickly took to him. He was a math geek, an architect building a housing development a day's car ride out of the city, and a rustic-looking person with dark brown eyes and from the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. We parted that night, staying two hours later than our friends, deciding to meet to go out to eat the next Friday.

    Soon, we were dating steadily. John Collin and I grew quite close - and I learned quite a lot from him. He taught me about all sorts of architecture, people, and history. We told each other everything and went out together nearly every weekend. On the third anniversary of the first day we met, the premiere of the movie I had just previously costumed for was coming out. He proposed to me that night, at the restaurant the entire cast and crew went to afterward. I, of course, laughing and crying, told him yes. We got married six months later in a cathedral downtown, on a bright, breezy day with white roses during the ceremony and an abundance of Italian food afterward. Soon after, we moved to our new house in the country of Denver, Colorado. It was a comfortable place painted white, with blue shutters, and an expansive green yard. We also rented out a green townhouse in Los Angeles where we lived when I was designing for movies. About a year after we were married, John Collin and I had our first baby. We eventually came to have four other sons over eight years, bustling back and forth from LA for costume designing and back home to Denver for John Collin’s architecture service.

    Our first baby, called Conrad Michael Merriman, is ten. He’s quite interested in photography and has discovered a certain talent for it. He loves to play with his brothers and play soccer with his friends. He has short, light brown hair and big brown eyes, and loves his science class at school. Conrad also quite likes animals. Our second sons, ages nine and ten, Arlo Sebastian and John Henry Merriman, were both adopted at the same time from Los Angeles. Arlo is African American and was born to parents too young to take care of him. We adopted Arlo when he was two weeks old. He really likes to draw and spends long hours focused on drawing with a straight pencil in his hand. Arlo likes art a lot like I did when I was young. Besides drawing, Arlo really likes to play tennis and is getting quite good at it. He also loves to eat his favorite food, pizza. John Henry is of Arabic descent. He lost both of his biological parents to pneumonia when he was six months old. His young aunt, who had three other children, put him up for adoption when he was a year old. John Henry likes to play sports – he plays soccer with Conrad and football with his friends. He also really likes movies and is always asking to see the “classics”. Our third son is our second biological son - he is called Nicholas Hugo Merriman. He is six years old and has light brown hair and blue eyes. He loves to read and play outside, plus play with all of his brothers. Then our last son, Phineas Matthew Merriman, is adopted from Las Vegas, Nevada. His parents got married in a quick weekend fling in a casino, had him, and then got divorced. We adopted him when he was a year old. Phineas is now four and loves the snow in Denver – winter is his favorite time of year. He has lots of good ideas to play and likes to play soccer. He also wants to be like all of his brothers and is a bit of a mommy’s boy.

    Our family also has five pets. Living at our country house in Colorado, we have a dappled-gray pony called Whistle, a golden retriever called Teddy, and a border collie called Jane Austen. At our townhouse in LA, we have a Papillion puppy called Chaz and a black tabby cat called Pebble.
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    Genevieve Alice Jennings was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was adopted by her maternal grandparents, Eden Amber Jennings and William Cole Jennings. Her mother, Ashley Emmeline Jennings, was an unstable teenager; she had run away from her parents when she was pregnant with Genevieve and even while she was pregnant, she dabbled in drugs and alcohol. Luckily, Genevieve was born with no defects, but Ashley died during childbirth. Genevieve never found who her real father was, thus she has no siblings.
    Genevieve grew up in a petite house with her grandparents. She was spoiled rotten by them, and was a girly girl growing up. She and her grandmother would often sew clothing together. Genevieve knew early on she wanted to become a fashion designer. She majored in fashion in the Art Institute of Philadelphia. While in college, she met her future husband, Caleb Rhys Dumas, from Columbus, Ohio. Caleb, or Cal as he preferred to be called, was an art major. The two instantly clicked as they both inspired each other artistically.
    The two dated for only two years before Cal proposed. They had a beach wedding in Hawaii; invited was Genevieve's humble, small family (her grandparents) and Cal's large family. They settled in the artistic city of Seattle, Washington. Five years after their wedding ceremony, they had their first daughter; Piper Adelaide Dumas. The young couple fell loved Piper with every beat of their creative hearts, and decided once Piper was a year old, they would try for another child. They succeeded and had twin girls; India Grace Dumas and Athena True Dumas. With three young ones, the Dumas family they weren't going to have anymore children! The family then lived happily, ever, after... The end

    List: Genevieve, Caleb, Piper, India, & Athena
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    Hey, I'm Avis Elizabeth Witaker. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I was raised by a single mother, Rebecca Alexis Coleman. I never had any siblings, so I was pretty lonely. We were pretty poor. We lived in a trailer park. Fourtanely, I was able to go to Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina, majoring in nursing. I became a critical care nurse.

    My husband's name is Gilroy Aimon Whitaker. He grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and he is now an architect. He also went to Elizabeth City State University, but I met him through work. The hospital I work at was adding on a floor, and he helped in the design.

    Gil and I dated for two years before we got married. Gil plays guitar, and so he proposed to me through a song. We had a small summer wedding on the beach, and we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon. Soon after, we settled down in a small apartment in Boston, MA. We had three boys all together. The first two were twins, and we named them Anthony Norris and Aimon Jaron (usually called "AJ"). Our third son was born two years later, and we named him Zeke Brice.

    A year later, I wanted a daughter, but I didn't want to go through another birth, so we adopted a newborn from Norway, and named her Roxie Fay. Right around the same time, Gil came home with a stray puppy. He was a cocker spaniel and pekignese mix. Aimon claimed him and named him Soloman.

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    DW: Lydia Rachel Whishaw

    Grew up in: 2. Los Angeles, California

    Were you adopted?: 5. No

    Who raised you?: 2: Mom & Dad
    Names: Clara Elizabeth Whishaw and Kevin Peter Whishaw

    Siblings?: 6. Yes
    8. Two brothers
    Names: Lucas Richard Whishaw (my twin) and Benjamin John Whishaw (my younger brother)

    We grew up in this house - - in Los Feliz, LA. I went to the University of California, Berkeley, and studied 9. History, and I am now a Museum Curator.

    DH: Dylan Elias O'Brien

    Grew up in: 8. Charlotte, North Carolina

    Occupation: 10. Architect

    Did he got o the same college as you? 4. Yes

    How did you meet him? 3. Through a co-worker - DH was interested in a form of Ancient Greek architecture that my colleague is a specialist in. I brought him to her, and on the way we got chatting, and things went from there.

    How long do you date for? 3 years

    How does he propose? We're watching the New Year's fireworks from our favourite spot in LA, when he pulls out the ring, asking never to spend any New Year without me. Of course, I accept.
    The Ring -

    What kind of wedding & honeymoon do you have? We have a relatively small ceremony in Yosemite National Park, with our family and close friends - - and we honeymoon for three weeks in the Bahamas.
    The Dress -

    We settle down in 5. Denver, Colorado at this house -

    We have four kids - 3 girls and a boy.
    Names: Charlotte Aislinn O'Brien, Caitlin Ruby O'Brien, Ciara Lucy O'Brien, and Toby Connor O'Brien

    We adopt 3 kids - 2 twin girls from Japan, and 1 boy from Sweden:
    Names: Maggie Kaida O'Brien, Molly Yukiko O'Brien and Michael Soren O'Brien 'Mikey'

    We have 4 cats - Angelou, Byron, Tennyson and Salinger - and 6 dogs - Aeron, Artemis, Athena, Apollo, Adonis and Ajax.
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    Your name: Thea Madeleine Proctor

    Where did you grow up?
    8. San Diego, California

    Were you adopted?
    Even #: yes

    If yes, how old were you and why were you given up?
    1 or 2. You were an infant and your birth parents were teenagers that were incapable of keeping you

    Do you ever try to find your birth parents?
    Odd #: no

    What are the names of your adoptive parents? Lois Annabel Proctor and Nathan Max Proctor

    Did you have any siblings?
    Even #: yes
    Odd #: no

    If yes, how many?
    7 or 8. Two brothers
    Names: Adam Elijah Proctor and Harry Miles Proctor

    What house did you grow up in? Suburbian 5 bedroom house

    What college did you go to? UCLA

    What did you major in?
    9. History

    What career path do you take? History Teacher

    DH's name: Oliver Jack Littlewood

    Where did he grow up?
    5 or 6. Fort Worth, Texas

    What does he do for a living?
    8. Psychologist

    Did he go to the same college as you?
    Odd #: no

    How did you meet him?
    8. In another country

    How long do you date for? 3 years

    How does he propose? On the beach at sunset

    What kind of wedding & honeymoon do you have? Traditional church wedding, honeymoon in Hawaii

    Where do you settle down after your wedding?
    3 or 4: Seattle, Washington

    What does your house look like? Apartment in central Seattle

    How many kids do you have?
    7. Two girls and a boy
    Names (in your choice of birth order): Dexter Flynn Littlewood, Marnie Freya Littlewood and Luna Florence Littlewood

    Do you adopt any kids?
    Odd #: no

    Do you have any pets?
    Even #: yes
    What kind of pets and how many? Cocker spaniel named Clover

    Thea and Oliver Littlewood & Dexter (9), Marnie (6) and Luna (4) & Clover.
    Arthur, August, Cassius, Ezra, Hector, Henry, Jonah, Theodore, Wilfred, Winston

    Adele, Beatrice, Clara, Eliza, Ivy, Josephine, Matilda, Pearl, Penelope, Rosa

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