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    Question Any Twins out there that share the same initial?

    Is it terrible to match twins with the same initial? Or is it a good way to show the girls they are on equal footing?

    I am hoping there is a twin or two close siblings out there that could share if they enjoy sharing the same initial with their sibling.

    The two names we are considering are Nina Jeannette and Nora Juliette. Thank you!

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    I'm not understanding how giving them the same initial shows that they are on equal footing. Sharing a birthdate does enough of that, imo.

    If they weren't twins, would you still give them the same initials to show that they're on equal footing? If so, then sure, if not, then don't.
    I think giving them the same initials would send out the message that you think of them as one entity, when they're not. They're individuals who happened to be born at the same time.

    I know of twin boys who share the same initials, and it causes endless issues for them legally. One has a lot of debts, and loans to payback the other does not. When twin two wants to rent a car, and they pull up his credit record, they often mistake him for twin one because they just see D. Surname at first glance, and decline him.
    There've been a lot of issues like that for the two of them.

    I personally find it unoriginal to give them the same initials. Reverse initials are sweet, and more creative. Or alphabetical ones, like Fred and George Weasley for example. Not the typical Anna and Bridget.

    I've known many twins with the same initials: Aliya and Aaron, Paul and Peter, Paul and Paulina, Jaylin (b) and Janae.
    I find it disappointing, and run of the mill.
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    I don't like Nina and Nora because they share more than just the first letetr, they share the same number of syllables, same rhythm and same number of letters.

    I think first letters being the same is fine, I don't love it, but it's not a huge deal if the names sound very different - which Nina and Nora do not, IMO.

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    When it comes to siblings or twins, I think giving them names that start with the same initials are fine as long as the name are different enough otherwise. For example, I find Nina and Nora to similar, while Nora and Nathalie would be nicer.
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    I agree with the uselesskitty and flick.
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