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    I like them all. They're classic, not tragically obscure, misspelled or trendy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarah_e View Post
    Compared to what a lot of young people I know are naming their babies these days, those are GREAT. They're classic, they're spelled correctly, and they'll age great.
    Couldn't agree more!

    Not a Jaydin or Brynleigh in sight! Love it!
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    I'm in my early 30s and love Samuel (enough that I used it myself recently), Lucinda, and Oscar, for what it's worth.
    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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    Quote Originally Posted by billie_154 View Post
    Hello :-)

    My friends and I were talking about baby makes the other day. I said the names below as ones I like, and got different reactions. One of my friends said that they are horrible, and are only for old people. She said that it would be mean to put a child through life with these names. An other friend said that they are stereotypical of a 16 year old mum (as I am 16) to use. So, I was wondering do these names reflect me being 16, and are they too old to use? Thank you so much.

    Samuel Arthur
    Magdalene Pearl /Magdalena Pearl
    Oscar Henry
    Lucinda Violet

    "Sam, Maggie, Ozzy, Lucy"

    Thank you again :-)
    I think your friends are nuts. These names are absolutely amazing. They are sophisticated classics that will work throughout the lifespan. Don't listen to them!

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    16 year olds would typically pick trendy and Kre8tiv names.. yours are lovely, classic choices!
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