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    Sibling for Maple

    So I have just started thinking about another baby - which is just unbelievable as it feels like I was just on here discussing Maple! Can't believe it's been 13 months. I know this is premature as I am not pregnant, but I don't want to be in the hospital for 3 days with a nameless baby this time around. I made a list of boys and girls names and would love any opinions and additions.

    I like names like Maple - unusual, but not made up or hard to pronounce and I seem to lean towards nature names.

    I have some major family names on the list - Gray, Penelope, and Harrison. Henry is my husband's name, although he goes by Hal. I like Gray in the middle spot as it goes with Violet (Maple's middle name), but I don't want people to think it's after Christian Gray!

    Girls: Penelope, Clover, Hazel, Ivy, Pearl, Daphne, Cecily, Felicity, Lucy, Daisy, Florence, Iris. (no particular order)

    Boys: Henry, Riley, Rex, Carson, Maxwell, Harrison. I kind of like Denver because I grew up in Colorado, but maybe it's too strange.

    Thank you!
    Maple Violet and Penelope Wren

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