View Poll Results: Which twin b/g name combo do you like the best?

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  • Lincoln and London

    7 14.89%
  • Lincoln and Leighton

    7 14.89%
  • Lincoln and Larissa

    19 40.43%
  • Lincoln and Liberty

    12 25.53%
  • Lincoln and Locklyn

    2 4.26%
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    Twins....Lincoln and need help with our girl

    Please help me with naming our twins. The boy will be named Lincoln and we need your vote and or suggestions on girl names. I want them to somewhat match or coordinate.

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    Lincoln and Locklyn are too close for me. I chose London .

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    Lincoln and London are adorable together!

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    I would immediately eliminate Liberty (unless you are a die-hard patriot and want everyone to know it, Lincoln = Abraham Lincoln and Liberty is obviously freedom) and Locklin (sounds waaaay too much like Lincoln, same starting & ending sounds, with a K in the middle).

    That leaves London, Leighton and Larissa.

    London & Leighton also sound very, very close to Lincoln. They're also quite trendy.

    Larissa, on the other hand, is beautiful. It's not at all common-- quite refreshing-- and it's a gorgeous Russian name actually related to Hillary, meaning 'cheerful, mirthful.' The R and S sounds are distinctive from Lincoln, and the -A ending also helps separate the two.

    I really like twins named Lincoln & Larissa. They share the L connection, and both are mature, interesting names, but they aren't overly matchy.
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    Of your choices I prefer Lincoln and Larissa. Lincoln is a strong name. I think Larissa is very beautiful and will fit nicely with your boys name. From the rest of your choices the only other ones that I like are Leighton or Liberty. I like Leighton as it is pretty. Liberty is very cute, I am fond of it. However, I do not like Locklyn or London. Locklyn sounds like a boy's name to me and London is very trendy right now.

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