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    cristinamariane Guest
    I'm really of no help, except to ask if you've considered March in the middle spot? Since you mentioned using cool word names like Emerald and Snow.

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    Josiah Walker is a very strong and grounded name so congrats on that.

    I LOVE the name Isabella.
    In terms of 'M' names, what about Marion/Marianne, Margo, Millie?
    What about Erin or Caitlin for a Celtic name but also easy to pronounce?

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    What about...

    Maura (This is my daughter's name - it's Irish for Mary, so kind of Irish and kind of Biblical at the same time.)

    Maren (I think this one sounds nice with both Josiah and Sean. It's not Irish, so Josiah isn't left out as the only non-Irish name, but it's not quite Biblical, either (though it could also be a nod to Mary). It has Mar- like you wanted.)

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    Clementine Maeve would be really pretty.

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    Has anyone suggested Margery / Marjorie yet?

    Clunky vintage charm but quite beautiful (in my opinion, but ehhh, I seem to be attracted to the crustiest of names). Starts with "Mar."

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