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    Would love your name ideas...

    We are TTC. Our boy's name is set in stone - Josiah Walker. Walker is my maiden name, and Josiah because it's Biblical, I like the meaning, and it comes with the nn Joe, which has family significance and which we love.

    Girls are more complicated. I know we don't have to decide yet, but I'd love to build my stash with some names my DH might like, or maybe even find "the one" we both love.

    So I would love some ideas from Nameberries. Here are some guidelines, or you can just skip this part and surprise me!

    1. Nothing too outlandish. I might be able to squeeze in an awesome word name middle like Emerald or Snow, but maybe not. My husband vetoes everything but "name names."

    2. Scots-Irish or thereabouts would be cool. We have a Scottish last name - Hatten. My stepson's name is Sean Killian. My husband likes Celtic & Gaelic names, obviously - he named Sean. But he does not like difficult-to-pronounce or unfamiliar-to-Americans names. So Aoife, et. al., are out.

    3. I would love to use something beginning with Mar- as a first or middle to continue an accidental family tradition. But so far I don't really love any Mar- names. I would settle for an Ma- name or even an M.

    4. As for my style, I dislike most of the popular-on-Nameberry names like Alice, Charlotte, Penelope, & Violet. I love still out-of-style vintage/Latinate names like Agatha, Dolores, and Pilar, but he hates them. I also like really unusual names like Atrella and Senara, and word/nature names like Winter and Lake. He doesn't like these, either.

    5. A few other tidbits: Something that would go well with Josiah/Joe would be nice. That's kind of why I like Shiloh. Names that pertain to writing (we both write for a living), the South, and the military are good. And the starting letter K is a big no-no; both of our names begin with K, and we want to avoid K-K-K... especially since we live in Mississippi. Yikes!

    Names he sort of likes so far:


    Names he is "ok" with:


    I have gotten him to suggest one name, and it was Isabella. He was shocked when I told him it was #2. He still thinks of popular names as stuff like Katie and Jenny. I think he identifies Isabella with his "secret" celeb crush, Rossellini. :-)

    I would love to find something I love that he also loves, but so far I haven't found it. Maybe you can! Thanks, berries!
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