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    I love James Frederick! If you don't want to call him James, you could go with the nn Jack.

    I like Peter Frederick from your list. Other ideas are Simon Frederick and Charles Frederick.
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    Thomas is one of my all time fav names, so I would go with that! Not a fan of Christopher.

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    Christopher is a classic, strong, elegant and charming name for a boy. (I happen to be biased as we named our son Christopher - and he gets loads of compliments on his name). We don't call him "Chris" but rather Christopher or my nn is Tophie. It hasn't been used a lot in decades so I find going back to the classics now, as such with a name like Christopher, you will find them to more unique in the present day.

    Christopher Frederick
    Christopher Louis
    Christopher Ryan
    Christopher Grey
    Christopher Andrew or Andre
    Christopher Edward
    Christopher Simon
    Christopher Grant...Grant is on my current short list
    Christopher so handsome!

    Good luck! I'm trying to come up with a few of our own for our 2nd...tough, tough!

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