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    Wow! That is strong medicine! But I like. I dig strong names.

    Another badass sibset of one of my best friends: Enoch, Eiffel, Eddie, and Eunitas.

    So she has a baby boy 12 years ago as a teenager and names him Aiden Enoch. Aiden was very rare then.

    Several years later she gets married (not to Enoch's dad) and has a girl: Eiffel Stone. (Stone was her recently deceased brother's middle name.)

    Then another girl: Eddie Kazu. Eddie after her grandmother Edna and Kazu is some Japanese crap.

    By now Aiden is officially going by Enoch. He says he likes it better. And he likes having an E name like his sisters. They often call him E for short.

    Then they have another boy. They settled on first name Maximiliano and want to call him Ano until the father's relatives (Mexican) remind them this is the Spanish word for anus.

    So they name him Maximiliano Eunitas. He goes by Eunitas most of the time or occasionally Max. Eventually one of these will win, I'm sure. He's only a year old.

    So there you have the weirdest sibset I know. My fave of these is Eiffel by far.

    My friend who named these babies obviously has a similarly adventurous husband and also does not go on name sites or pay the slightest bit of attention to people's opinions. Too bad they're not having anymore; she never fails to surprise.
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