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    Here goes:

    Elodie- Pretty! I think short, sweet E- names are in overkill, but this one is at least less popular and three syllables.
    Ella- Prefer Elodie for reasons mentioned above.
    Claire- Elodie is more intruguing...Clare is my mn and I've always received compliments.
    Emmeline- See my comments about E- names on Elodie, which I prefer.
    Elise- Classic. Great sister to Claire.
    AmeliLe- Fun. Sweet.
    Eilidh- A personal fave for years!
    Juliette- Lovely. Great sister name to Elodie or Amelie.
    Penelope- Beautiful name. About to really soar, though.
    Arden - I love it! A personal fave.

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    Thank you for the fabulous feedback! Keep it coming!

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    Elodie - Eh, this is okay. I think it sounds prettier in the original French (el-oh-DEE) than how it would most likely be pronounced in English (EL-oh-dee). For this reason, I wouldn't use this name.
    Ella - Pretty, but as others have mentioned SO popular these days. I wouldn't use this just because there would be many, many other little Ellas your daughter would encounter.
    Claire - Sort of boring. Okay as a middle name, I suppose, but then again, it's SUCH a common middle name. I love Clara as a first or middle, though!
    Emmeline - Really pretty. I love this name - but only with the -line ending, not -lyn. That makes it sound trendy rather than classic, in my opinion.
    Elise - Boring, I think. I like Eliza better. Also, Annelise/Anneliese is really pretty.
    Amelie - Nice, but better in French.
    Eilidh - NO clue how to pronounce this. Avoid!
    Juliette - I adore this name, but prefer the spelling Juliet. Either way, though, it's lovely.
    Penelope - Lately I've been into this name a lot. I really like it! Seems it's getting more popular, though.
    Arden - No, no. I suppose it has a nice sound, but sounds super trendy.

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    Wow - thank you!

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