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    Emmabobemma - I understand what you are saying and I think that's where some of my cold feet is coming from, I almost feel like my ability to choose her name has been taken away from me. And no I don't usually let her make any decisions for me at all. The problem I have now is if we don't call her Evelyn my step - father is a bit of a jerk and will spend her whole life telling her that we were supposed to name her Evelyn and didn't.
    Maybe this is an opportunity to really put on your boots and stand up to your mother and stepfather. You're having another child, and with that you can come into yourself in a different way. You don't have to be confrontational with them, but you also don't have to wilt when they're disrespectful toward you and your family. Naming your child can be a chance for you and your husband to come together and create something that you both feel good about. Your daughter won't second-guess her name or believe that she should have been Evelyn, if you give her what your mother hasn't exactly given you - clear boundaries and a firm but kind lead that assures her that you're trustworthy, that you're the parent.

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    I posted before that I love Evelyn Iris. Still would go with that, but wanted to share a story about my friend. Her pushy mother in law told her that she and her son(baby's father) had decided the baby should be named Elizabeth. So my friend told her that when she and her son had a baby together they could name it Elizabeth. You and husband are the ONLY people that have a say in naming this child. No one was crazy about my kid's names at first either. They would suggest all sorts of names to try to sway our opinion. This is manipulation. Now everyone loves their names. Just tell them that they already named their kids and now it is your turn.

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    Honestly, I don't think Evelyn goes with her siblings. I think your style is quite masculine so throwing a feminine, girly name into the sibset is a bit odd one out. I think you should give a masculine/unisex fn and a feminine mn.
    What about:

    Quinn Evangeline
    Rory Sophia
    Harlow Elizabeth (I really like the flow of this name)
    Peyton Rose
    Rowan Evelyn (If you really love Evelyn use as a mn)
    Ryan Savannah

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    I agree with bluesuedeshoes-- I don't really think Evelyn fits in with the style of your other children's names and I think she has a lot of good suggestions that fit better with your sibset. What about Eden Iris? I think it fitst much better with Riley, Jackson, and Piper. Some other suggestions: Avery, Paige, Blythe, Sydney/Sidonie, Taylor, Davis, Brooke, Sage, Morgan, Shelby, Merit, Maia.

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    Thanks for some of the suggestions. I like Quinn but prefer it in the middle position, Rory is actually a pet fave of mine. I do actually like Harlow but feel it's a bit close to Harlot. Peyton, Rowan and Ryan I'm not fussed on.

    davisellu - I do like Eden, and Arden but both I find are a little clunky with our last name W aldron... not sure if that's deal breaker or not.

    I do like Blythe and Sage but prefer them in middles for some reason. The others are unusable for various reasons. I'm starting to warm up to my husbands like of Alexis a little. I've always found it a bit harsh for a girl but I would probably just call her Lexi.

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