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    I love the name Evelyn and know two precious three year old girls with the name. It doesn't seem fusty or too old fashioned on them at all. (By the way, they each have a sister, one of whom is named Audrey and one who is named Charlotte. I think those names are both good alternatives.) However, Evelyn is quite popular, which it sounds like you may be trying to avoid. Also, I don't think Evelyn fits that well with your sibset, but having the perfect sibset is not the end all be all. At the end of the day, I'd go with the name you love.

    By the way, I love Iris. Eve is another way to get to the nickname Evie if you want to go that route. I also personally wouldn't want to name my child something that my mother and/or stepfather were trying to force me to choose, no matter how they framed it. Your mother already have her chance to name her children. You and your husband, not your mother or stepfather, get to name this baby, regardless of what your mother says. Also, if your stepfather really does tell the baby that she should have been named Evelyn multiple times, his personality is probably such that the baby won't be his biggest fan anyway. Good luck!

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