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    Having serious COLD FEET about our name

    So I have just a little over 4 weeks to go and I am having serious cold feet about our baby girl's name. We chose the name Evelyn for our 4th baby (2nd girl) and I loved the name, I seriously did. It was my first suggestion and my husband originally vetoed it, so I feel I should be happy I won in the end. But now I just don't know. I don't know if it's because I am mourning the names I love that I'll never get to use, I have a list of about 12 that I feel really sad that I'll never get to use. Or maybe it's because my husband agreed to the name under such bizarre circumstances, that it doesn't feel right to use it. I have never felt like this with any of my other kids names, I'm not quite sure how to deal with it. Does anyone have any tips on how to get through this.

    By the way my husband is impossible to get to talk to about names, he despises the naming task whole heartedly. He keeps telling me we have ages... 4 weeks doesn't feel like a lot of time. So even if we do name her Evelyn, she still has no middle name because I can't get him to discuss it.

    We threw around the idea of Evelyn Iris for a little while after his grandmother who died just before Christmas. But I'm not in love with how it flows and having cold feet about that too. I feel I want to find a name I love more... but that feels a little selfish at the same time. So I don't know what to do with her middle name either. HELP! A few combo's I have thought of are.... not really sure on any of them though.

    Evelyn Mae
    Evelyn Charlotte
    Evelyn Maeve
    Evelyn Rose
    Evelyn Blythe

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    What are the other names in the sibset?

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    My other kids names are Riley (b) Jackson and Piper. Riley was mutually agreed on by both of us although not knowing anything about names when he was born I was sad when I realised how popular it was and probably would have chosen different if I could. Jackson is all my husband, he refused to agree on any name I liked and Jackson was the choice of his I hated the least. Piper was mostly me, it was my favourite after DH vetoed all my previous favourites, DH agreed to it but never really loved it. All of their names even though I felt I like we were settling, I never had the cold feet and doubt I have this time. My list currently looks like this:


    My husbands list contains

    We do not agree on names and mostly he just refuses to talk about it. I do love Evelyn but I guess I just keep hoping a name will jump out at me that feels so right and I adore so much. Or maybe I am just searching for that perfect combo to go with Evelyn.

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    Evelyn is a great compromise, since you two obviously have a completely different naming style. You like unique, he likes trendy.

    Some other names you both may like:


    However, Evelyn is a great name, albeit popular. Some combos:

    Evelyn Alyssa
    Evelyn Amelia
    Evelyn Julia
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    With your other children's strong, spunky names, I find Evelyn a little.. watery-weak. Sorry!
    I find Iris wonderful, but I know you're not wild about it. If you throw it in there as a second middle to honor of your mother-in-law, maybe you'd have more leverage on the first name choice. Iris was a messenger of the gods, associated with rainbows! And irises are such beautiful flowers. Also, you were considering Caroline to honor a deceased friend...
    Juno Caroline Iris (Both Juno and Iris are strong, two-syllable goddess names. Caroline is a bridge, having both an O and an I, giving the name a bit more delicacy.)
    Annabel Quinn Iris (You were considering Annabel Quinn, which I think is really fun, nice with your other kids' names. I think Iris is gorgeous in this combination- it emphasizes Quinn's crispness.)

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