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    Etta??! Pretty or dowdy?

    I just can't decide what I think of Etta. It's got a cool, vintage even hipster vibe but how would it fit in the suburbs? Would it be viewed at pretty and class or dowdy and weird? What do you think?

    Additionally, my name is Emma is naming your child a name so similar ok? As in Emma and Etta, Ella or Emily. Just wondering!!

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    I like Etta. It's pretty and classic. Honestly people name their kids all kinds of strange names these days so Etta would be just fine. I think it's okay that your name is Emma and you like Etta.

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    I may be a little biased, because Etta is my grandmother's name. I think it's beautiful and ready to come back as a refreshing alternative to Emma or Ella.

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    I like it.
    It's a bit more interesting that the more popular Ella.
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    Very pretty, not dowdy at all!

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