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    I love the name Evelyn and know two precious three year old girls with the name. It doesn't seem fusty or too old fashioned on them at all. (By the way, they each have a sister, one of whom is named Audrey and one who is named Charlotte. I think those names are both good alternatives.) However, Evelyn is quite popular, which it sounds like you may be trying to avoid. Also, I don't think Evelyn fits that well with your sibset, but having the perfect sibset is not the end all be all. At the end of the day, I'd go with the name you love.

    By the way, I love Iris. Eve is another way to get to the nickname Evie if you want to go that route. I also personally wouldn't want to name my child something that my mother and/or stepfather were trying to force me to choose, no matter how they framed it. Your mother already have her chance to name her children. You and your husband, not your mother or stepfather, get to name this baby, regardless of what your mother says. Also, if your stepfather really does tell the baby that she should have been named Evelyn multiple times, his personality is probably such that the baby won't be his biggest fan anyway. Good luck!

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    I think it is normal to have cold feet about the name in the final weeks. You spend so much time and energy thinking about the name for this little person you haven't met yet.....and when you meet them, you begin to love the name more than ever because it belongs to your precious little bean. Also, your uncertainty is naturally removed because, well, you've made your final decision.

    Unless you've fundamentally changed on Evelyn, I'd stay with it. It's so beautiful and classic and goes really nicely with the rest of your kids' names. Perhaps reconsider the middle name to include elements that your husband loves. He seems to like M names, have you considered:

    Evelyn Mae
    Evelyn Maggie
    Evelyn Mia
    Evelyn Maya
    Evelyn Mila
    Evelyn Mara

    Either way, try not to make yourself nuts overthinking it. If you love Evelyn, and your husband agreed to it, stay with it. If you're lukewarm on Iris, consider throwing your husband a bone....the guilt over "winning" on Evelyn might be part of what is causing your uncertainty. Or it could just be hormones

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    Ooooh geez. Brutal honesty here...........I think your family knows how to manipulate you and they clearly are. You are having doubts about the whole process and how you got there and the fact you're also worried about your step dad goes to show that IMO. I'd probably take Evelyn off the table just because of all that. Just based on your stuble undertones (and having a horribly manipulating MIL so I know these games way too well) I think they'd have a bit too much power if you went with the name. Maybe I'm reading way too into the whole thing but I agree with the poster that it was totally inappropriate--legitimate abilities are not--to basically name your child for you. Seriously bad taste in the mouth.

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    And I should probably preface with this (maybe to explain my strong reaction to your story). My husband comes from a culture that believes in that sort of thing. My MIL still has a friend in the motherland who also claims herself psychic. MIL and FIL are divorced. MIL has tried on many occasions to make sure statements to my husband such as "X tells me that you love your father more than me. How could you after what a rotten person he is?!" I've seen a sort of similar manipulation with this "type" of person on a few other occasions. Maybe it's wrong to judge a stranger's family based largely on my own experiences, but I am a naturally suspicious person....what can I say.

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    Evelyn is okay. I do think Evie is cute but honestly I'd prefer Eve or Eva. I think it's a bit out of place with Riley and Piper. If I understand you correctly before Christmas you and your husband hadn't talked much about baby names and you haven't talked much about it afterwards either. That would give me cold feet as well.

    While it might not be possible for both of you to love the same name, I think I'd feel uncomfortable using a name that your dh clearly had vetoed earlier. When naming my last baby I was pushing hard for Henry and dh gave in to me using it but it just didn't make a great choice for us because he clearly didn't even like the name.
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