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    I give you credit! This is a hard one. I'd be tempted to keep Iris! Kids like a naming story, and it's a lovely name. However, it isn't a great fit with anything on the list... Evelyn isn't the perfect fit either, with your other kids' names. Lacks some of their energy and tailoredness...

    Meredith is a great fit, IMO! Meredith Iris isn't bad...Seren would probably be my second choice. Seren Iris is pretty and actually fits your husband's tailored taste, but I doubt he'll jump on something like that now.

    If you go with Evelyn, I'd be tempted to call her Evie. It seems to work better in your sibset. Looking at both your lists, I could really see Adaire, but it doesn't work with Iris either!

    I don't feel I've been much help, but I'm a little stumped. Sorry!

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    Thanks for your responses. I like a few of your suggestions. Love the combo Juno Caroline Iris but I know that DH would never go for it. Also love Annabel Quinn Iris, have more of a chance of DH getting on board with that. Meredith is a pet favourite of mine so I could quite happily go with that. DH likes the idea of honouring his grandmother but he doesn't like the name Iris so he's pretty much 50/50 when it comes to including it. Many people have said Evelyn Iris sounds fine together but I just feel it is a little clunky with our surname W aldron.

    I think I need to explain the reason why we chose the name Evelyn because the story plays a huge part in the choice but it's a little out there so I have hesitated talking about it. Okay short version. My mother is a psychic medium. I am a sceptic. I do not discuss names we are even considering with family at all because their opinions annoy me. At Christmas my family was informing us what names to pick for baby. We politely nodded and smiled with no intention of considering any of them. But I did say to my husband we need to get serious about discussing names (he previously was reluctant to talk about it) Anyway my mother who had not been apart of the conversation until now suddenly says. Have you considered the name Evelyn. I reluctantly told her it was a name on my list but DH didn't like it. My mother says well she just told me my name is Evelyn, call me Evie. So that was that, DH was so freaked out he agreed to Evelyn (A name he previously told me how much he hated and would never consider) and we haven't really talked about it properly since.

    The sceptic in me can't decide whether it's a sign she named herself or whether it's a completely ridiculous reason to decide to name a baby from. Maybe an outsider's opinion will help here. Ok hopefully you have read this far and don't think I am crazy and have some suggestions.

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    I love Meredith from your list!
    Evelyn is just okay to me, but Evie, Piper, Riley, and Jackson is a nice set.

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    It is fabulous to have a story behind your name, and that one is stellar!

    Loving the name is of utmost importance, regardless of the family circumstances. Ironically, if you check my comments, I could also picture Evie best in your sibset and that was before I knew the nn was a consideration. It just works somehow, out of everything you listed. Now that some time has passed and your husband isn't in the heat of the moment freaked, it probably warrants a conversation as to whether he really likes the name Evelyn. Good luck!

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    I like Annabel with your set, but Evie is also perfect. I'm not a fan of Evelyn, but it does have a nice sound.

    Eva nn Evie would be nice too.
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