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    I think Evelyn Iris is absolutely stunning! From your list I also like:


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    Well I adore Evelyn to start with. And "Evie" is such a cute nickname. I think Iris works fine Evelyn. I also really like the sound of Evelyn Blythe.

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    Love, love, love the middle name Iris - please use it! I think you should name your girl Paisley.

    Paisley & Piper make adorable siblings, without being to close. Plus, I think Paisley is the right amount of unique mixed with trendy.
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    The nameberry community will absolutely favor your names over your husband's, but of course it's not our baby! In real life babies are named by two people, with many conflicting influences.

    I think Iris is wonderful, both because it honors your grandmother-in-law (surely your husband would be on board with that, unless they weren't close?). It also satisfies your craving for a unique, more deeply rooted name. So, I think Iris should be in the combination, somehow.

    Your other children's names are modern. Riley, Jackson and Piper are all quite popular [which is perfectly fine; popular names are usually popular for a reason]. Since you have three children already, picking something very different for the fourth would really stand out. I like to say, two similarities is a coincidence, but three is a pattern. From your list, I would eliminate the vintage-y choices: Stella, Imogen, Juno, Amelie, Charlotte and Annabel. Evelyn too.

    A name that ends on a consonant would sound best with Iris:

    Scarlett Iris [though this is problematic as scarlet is a color and iris is a thing, so it sounds like a description rather than a name]
    Meredith Iris
    Arden Iris
    Aislinn Iris
    Seren Iris [again, 'star flower' or 'star rainbow' or 'star part of the eye' is a little problematic]

    From his list, nearly all pair with Iris quite nicely.

    Iris Mackenzie
    Addison Iris
    Iris Alexa [not Alexis, they rhyme]
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    I like Evelyn

    Maybe Evelyn Irie would flow better, still honor grandma & feel spunky/modern for you?

    I think you might be having that "this might be the last kid I name" kind of feeling.

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