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    Beau? Does is work for boys and girls?

    Hi Berries,
    My husband and I really like Beau Ericson M_____(2 syllables) for our baby due in June. Thoughts? Predictions on popularity? We are stuck however on a girls name. We are not finding out the sex so I would like to have options for both. Does Beau work for a girl? Would you spell it differently? The middle name would be Hazel Rose after family. Does if flow? Any other girl suggestions that go with our middles? (I like the names Violet, Whitley, Ellis, Monroe, Wren, Quinn etc.) No matter how many names I read I still come out with the same list. Thanks for the help!

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    I like Beau for a boy..... but not for a girl. I like Hazel Rose M_____. I like Violet, but Violet and Rose are flowers and both Violet and Hazel are colors so it seems pretty repetitive. Good luck!

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    As a standalone name? Absolutely not. Beau is aggressively masculine to me, up there with Butch -- I mean, it's the word for a MALE suitor!

    However, Beau as a nn for a girl named Isabeau (love this name), or Bo as a nn for Bonnie, Deborah, or Boheme would be sweet, spunky, and completely adorable.
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    Beau is a great boys name! It doesn't work that well for a girl imo. Beau is a strong name, but shouldn't ever be too popular. How about just Hazel Rose for a girl? I think it sounds really nice. Or, from your other choices Whitley Hazel Rose is nice too.

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    Beau is a masculine word, and as far as I'm concerned (as a French speaker), it does not work for a girl.
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