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    Did a little searching..... I found the name Beaue for a girl, it's pronounced Beau-ee (like David Bowie) apparently.... Other than something like Rainbow (cringe) I can't think of any girl names that has the 'bow' sound in it that hasn't already been mentioned.
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    I think Beau is great for a girl or a boy! I think you could also use Bo for a boy and Bow for a girl! It's an adorable name!

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    Do you think Bow/Bowie etc. will age well for a woman? I have to remind myself that so much is excepted now but I still question it?

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    I really like Bo for a girl. It reminds of a bow, as in a ribbon. It's cute!
    Maybe you would like Isabeau?
    Oh, never mind, I guess you don't.
    Every other option just sounds silly...
    Rainbow, Boudiccea, Bowen, Bowie, Boheme? ugh
    The only other names I can find are Barbot (a form of Barbara), Charbonnay and Milborough
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I call my boyfriend Beau every now and then... it means "handsome" and it is very masculine. I'm saying a definite no.
    Could not agree more.
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