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    A- Amelia and Adam
    B- Beatrice and Bennett
    C- Coral and Colt
    D- Dakota and Dylan
    E- Eleanor and Emerson
    F- Finley and Fisher
    G- Grace and Greyson
    H- Hazel and Hunter
    I- Iris and Isaiah
    J- Jillian and Jonah
    K- Kennedy and Keaton
    L- Lillian and Liam
    M- Montana and Miles
    N- Nora and Noah
    O- Olivia and Owen
    P- Penelope and Presley
    Q- Quinn and Quinton
    R- Raleigh and Rainier
    S- Scarlet and Sawyer
    T- Teagan and Tristan
    U- Ursula and Ulysses
    V- Vera and Victor
    W- Whitley and Wyatt
    X- Xena and Xander
    Y- Yara and Yale
    Z- Zelah and Zion

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    A-Ajax and Achaia
    B-Benji and Bae
    C-Clyde and Cadence
    D- Declan and Dessie
    E- Emmett and EttaMae
    F- Foxx and Fable
    G- Gable and Greta
    H- Hawk and Hudson
    I- Icarus and Illiana
    J- Jedidiah and Jemimah
    K- Krzysztof and Kalisin
    L- Leviticus and Lottie
    M- Malachi and Mable
    N- Nicolai and Nehemiah
    O- Otto and Owen
    P- Puck and Penelope
    Q- Quinton and Quincy
    R- Rhys and Ryder
    S- Silas and Sailor
    T- Thor and Thayer
    U- Uron and Uriah
    V- Vaxton and Valen
    W- Wyatt and Wyn
    X- Xavier and ?
    Y- Youssef and Yuki
    Z- Zane and Zora

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    A: Anneliese and Alaric
    B: Belle and Benjamin
    C: Clare and Christian
    D: Daphne and Dean
    E: Evangeline and Emrys
    F: Faye and Flynn
    G: Guinevere and Graham
    H: Haven and Henry
    I: Isaline and Isaac
    J: Juliana and Jude
    K: Kady and Kirk
    L: Lelia and Lucas
    M: Maeve and Mathias
    N: Niamh and Noah
    O: Ophelie and Orin
    P: Prudence and Phineas
    Q: Quinn and Quinton
    R: Rose and Rufus
    S: Seren and Simon
    T: Thea and Theo
    U: Ula and Ulric
    V: Vada and Vaughn
    W: Winter and Wyatt
    X: Xanthe and Xavier
    Y: Yvaine and Yale
    Z: Zelia and Zander
    My little man O.P. arrived June 2015
    My sweet baby girl A.V. arrived June 2017
    Maeve Noelle-Violet Anneliese-Arianne Lily-Zoe Annabel-Gwen Emilia-Elena Odette-Caroline Mae-Ella Paige-Eve-Maren-Sophie-Rose-Nora

    Finn Jameson-Jack Emerson-Emmett Parker-Miles Alden-Henry Dean-Archer Daniel-Rhys Everett-Brennan Oliver-Cody James-Harrison Fox

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    Bay Area
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