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    Remy. Girl or Boys name?

    Just wondering if you think the name Remy is best suited for a girl or a boy?

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    I suppose it could go either way, but I personally think it's best suited for a boy. I do know a girl that recently named her daughter Remington (nn Remi), which just screams 'boy' to me. Remy may sound a little feminine, but if Toby and Riley are used for boys (and really are boy names, no matter how many girls get names like these), then I think there's no reason there can't be a little boy Remy running around! I like it on a boy

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    To me Remy is all boy. If I heard it I would think boy and if I saw it spelt like this I would think boy. I think if I saw saw Remi though I wouldn't be sure if it was a boy or a girl.

    Personally I prefer it for a boy.
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    Makes me think of the movie Gone baby Gone. Good movie. It's a guy's name.

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    Personally boy, but I do know a high school classmate of mine has a daughter named Remi (just Remi), so I guess it could go either way. I plan on getting a french bulldog and if it's a boy this is the name I have picked out for him - Rembrandt nn 'Remy'
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