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    Quote Originally Posted by notcinnamon View Post
    Hey, they'll all look normal on text messages!
    Lol, so true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    This is just a guess on my part but ... I have a very strong feeling that the next generation aren't going to be known for their spelling ability. The generation after them may not even know what is the "original" or "correct" way to spell any name. Sad really.
    I agree so much! I work extra hard with my boys on spelling...I know they'll need all the help they can get in an age where everythings spelled wrong, abbreviated, etc.

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    Lol I was just kidding and it sucks having a name with a bunch of common spellings. My SO's parents still call me Zoey. -.- It wasn't too bad growing up, but all I had to say was "Zoe with an i before the e" now poor little Alexzandyr... He's going to have lots of trouble with that.
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    It makes sense to me. A lot of parents of young kids grew up as Jen B. or Jen Y. ect that made them value unique names above all else. And they probably grew up loving Chloe & Bella and loving how rare & special they felt. So that explains Klooee & Izybella ect. once all of those special feeling names stopped feeling so special.

    Every parent wants to give something to their child with their name choice & it looks like different & special was the intention here!

    A lot of Berries look down on these names...yourself included it seems.

    I wouldn't use any of these names but I don't stand in harsher judgment of them than some of the pretentious stuff I often see on here...

    Calling your community illiterate is pretty harsh.

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    Shayne and Makena don't look so bad to me, but overwhelmingly the spelling and letter substitution is hard to look at...

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