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    Opinions on Anais &/or Anouk

    Well, Berries? What do you think? Anais & Anouk are both variations of Anna. How would you pronounce these names? Would you spell it Anaïs or Anais? Would spell it Anouk or Anouck?

    Is there one you like more than the other? Do you know anyone who has used either name? Do you personally like or dislike either name? Do you have any pop culture associations with either name?

    Is there a better variation of Anna out there that you like more? Personal opinions & truthful impressions, please!

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    Anaïs (I would spell it this way) is my favourite of the two, although Anouk is super cute as well. I've always loved Anaïs Nin, she's one of my favourite writers, and the pefume Anaïs Anaïs was the first one I ever got, so these are very good associations for the name. Anaïs is not a version of Anna though, it's the French form of Anahita, an ancient Persian water/fertility goddess.

    Anouk makes me think of French actress Anouk Aimée. And the daughter in Joanne Harris' novel Chocolat.

    edit: You asked about pronunciation, Anaïs: a-nah-EES. Anouk is simply straight forward, a-NOUK (soft long ou).
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    I know a very nice lady named Anouck, but I think I like Anais better. Despite people saying it sounds like certain body parts, I picture it on a supermodel.

    I think Anouk is just too heavy. I'm a fan of some clunky names, like Hilda, but Anouk is a little much to me. However, it is usable.

    My favorite variation of Anna is Anina, but I also like Annika and Annabel.
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    I like Anouk far better than Anais! It too reminds me of the little girl in Chocolat I've always pronounced them Ah-nay and Ah-nook but that could be wrong???

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    I know an Anais spelled that way. She's in her 20s & her parents are professors at a university so they picked it for the literary reference

    I think it feels more sophisticated & softer than Anouk..which feels sweet & little girlish to me.
    It also makes me think Canouk or however you spell the derogatory term for Canadian

    Anja or Anya is nice too. Less connected to erotica (which doesn't bother me, but maybe others?)

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