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    Boys names that don't end in 'n' ?

    Like the title says, I'm looking for boys names that end in a letter other than 'n'. My name and one of my favourite girls names both end in 'n', as well as several of the boys names we like:


    My husband and I aren't ttc yet, but we're starting to think about names. Since we're hoping to have 4 kids, we want to at least have some options for names that work well together. And we'd like the names to have a variety of endings.

    Any ideas?

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    Mama of two beautiful boys!

    Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
    So are the children of one’s youth.
    Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them;
    ~Psalm 127:4-5a

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    I grouped them by their similar sounding endings.

    R's: Xavier, Archer, Jasper, Oliver, Alexander, Carter, Oscar, Sawyer, Christopher, River, Evander, Cooper, Alister, Wilder, Arthur, Blair, Sander, Rainier, Booker, Dexter, Miller, Thayer, Caesar, Iker, Peter, Kiefer, Conner, Macallister, Palmer, Tabor, Keller, Lancer

    S's: James, Cyrus, Thomas, Augustus, Amos, Cassius, Otis, Atticus, Davis, Silas, Jonas, Rhys, Charles, Lucas, Miles, Nicholas

    L's: Abel, Dashiell, Ezekiel, Russel, Kyle, Nathaniel, Lowell, Cole, Niall, Gable, Samuel, Gabriel, Noble, Cashel, Lionel, Rafael

    X's: Lennox, Max/Maks, Eryx, Alex, Jax, Knox, Phoenix, Ajax, Maddox, Dax, Fox, Felix

    O's: Arlo, Bruno, Rocco, Dario, Angelo, Hugo, Otto, Matteo, Nico, Theo, Romeo, Jethro

    A's: Jedaiah, Ezra, Elijah, Tobiah, Jeremiah, Luca, Noah, Jorah, Isaiah, Zacheriah, Micaiah

    Y's: Henry, Timothy, Marley, Arley, Finley, Huxley, Wiley, Morrisey, Harley, Westley, Stanley, Troy, Lee, Bode

    T's: Rhett, Bennett, Wyatt, Robert, Forrest, Brett, August, Grant, Barrett, Clint, Wright, Kennett, Scout, Vincent, West

    K's: Havelock, Isaac, Clark, Maverick, Beck, Eric, Brock, Frederick, Nick, Mark, Patrick, Zac

    D's: Jude, Wade, Alcide, Armond, Richard, Bradford, Conrad, Desmond, Edward, Jared, Reed, Shepherd

    M's: Abram, Callum, Sam, Adam, Graham, Jem, Liam, Malcolm, Tim, Abraham, Bram, Colm, Hallam, William

    Soft C's: Tace, Bruce, Chance, Justice, Vince, Lawrence, Pierce, Reece

    G's, F's: George, Channing, Doug, Sterling, Wolfgang, Sage; Joseph, Wolf, Christoff, Leif, Raff, Cliff

    W's & H's: Barlow, Winslow, Andrew, Drew, Matthew; Ash, North, Cash, Smith, Heath, Dash, Hamish, Walsh, Seth

    Z's, P's, & B's: Boaz, Cruz; Jacob, Caleb, Job; Kip, Aesop, Phillip, Tripp
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