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    Question The trouble with naming a sixth child. . . (Sorry so long)

    I've never posted on a naming forum before, but maybe that will tell you how much I need specific help with naming this baby.

    There are so many rules that I've built up for myself over the last 11 years - and after reading these forums and the Nameberry articles I can see I'm not the only one with self-imposed rules. Hehehe.

    Older sibs:

    Guthrie - nn "G" or Guffy (My maiden name)
    Adeline - nn Addie
    Sullivan - nn Sully
    Truman - nn Tru
    Penelope - nn Pepper

    My unbreakable rules -
    Unique first initial - I might want to monogram something , this includes H and K (mine and hubs initials)
    Longer names with nickname potential
    Steer clear of top 150 or so of SSA name popularity list.

    Was super disappointed that both Adeline and Penelope seemed to gain some popularity AFTER we had already signed, sealed, and delivered our babes. Hoping for something that won't meet the same fate, though I know the classic, feminine names are always going to come around again.

    Baby is a girl.

    My FAVORITE name is Clementine - but I feel slightly bothered by the -ine ending on both Adeline and Clementine. Is this bothersome to anyone else? I think Mimi or Minnie would be a cute nickname. Not a fan of Clem. I am pretty good at keeping people from using nicknames I don't love (Penelope is never Penny or Nellie - always Pepper).

    Also like:
    Felicity - Fifi? Filly? Lissy?
    Matilda - Millie
    Beatrice - Bea

    Hubby wants Cordelia or Drucilla (no joke). He is okay with Felicity. He likes Clementine. Doesn't like Matilda.

    If you had this rather small name list, what would you go with. I want it to fit with the sibs. Don't really care if family likes it - it will grow on them.

    Any of these names? Something new? Too much to ask?:grin:

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    Great names! I like clementine too, but i think since quite a few celebs have picked this name up, its only going to grow in popularity. I like cordelia. you can can her delia as a nickname. Would you do Cordelia Clementine and call her CC? I think that is adorable as well and grow with her.

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    any chance the husband is a Buffy fan?

    Great names, all of them! For a sixth child, Cordelia is probably my favorite out of them all, although I also like Felicity. I'm not thinking of other suggestions right now but if I do, I'll come back!
    ...dreaming of naming my future first cat.

    today's favorites: Howl, Sherlock, Scheherazade

    (and favorites of the non-pet names: Celia Hermione, Odette, Inigo, Arthur Rooney)

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    We're working on names for #5 right now, and I feel your pain. I'm super-picky about names. My hubby is less picky than I am, but he's picky in different ways, so there are times when we find ourselves having to ditch the whole list and start over. :/ We've also seen a couple of our names travel up the charts since we decided to use them. I've gotten over it and decided that we're trendsetters.

    My favorite of your list is Beatrice. The only real life Cordelia I know is all tomboy and goes by her initials, so I guess I'm biased against that one. I like Felicity, too. I'd probably be reluctant to pair Clemetine with Adeline, but perhaps you could go with a variation like Celmentina?

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    Congrats on your sixth pregnancy! Adeline and Penelope are German vintage and Greek mythological respectfully but they work together. Here are my thoughts on your name list.

    Clementine - nice name but it does bother me that Adeline and Clementine rhyme.
    Felicity - I love this name. The sound and meaning make me smile. Nicknames: Flick, Fliss
    Matilda - Love this name - it's spunky but has historical depth. Alas, if your hubby isn't on board, it should be eliminated.
    Beatrice - This is a wonderful vintage name that goes well with your daughters.
    Cordelia - Not my favourite Shakespearean name. A subtle connection between the sisters: it shares an "el" with Adeline and Penelope.
    Drucilla - I prefer the spelling Drusilla. It's an old Roman name but it does sound dark and prissy at the same time.

    Other Suggestions

    All the best,

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