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  • Orson

    7 16.28%
  • Otto

    2 4.65%
  • Oliver

    3 6.98%
  • Oscar/Oskar

    9 20.93%
  • Corbin

    1 2.33%
  • Calvin

    5 11.63%
  • Roman

    6 13.95%
  • Griffin

    6 13.95%
  • Tait/Tate

    1 2.33%
  • Drake

    3 6.98%
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    I think Roman or Drake would be great!

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    With Annika I like Oskar or Roman (I knew one in high school). The first Orson I was introduced to was the pig on Garfield and Friends so I can't shake that association...

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Thanks for all he explanation and background. For me the absolute standout was Orson. It's a very rare, but not unfamiliar, very masculine, but not macho, name-- the double sweet spot. It has a Germanic background without being stereotypically so; with the popularity of modern -son names he would have no trouble blending in on a playground, nor in a hipster enclave. It has a great, nature-connected meaning, and a namesake in the form of Orson Welles.

    No K, though. What about Orson Drake?

    As for your others-- Roman is an adjective and a citizenship; Griffin is a slightly misspelled mythological monster; Otto is the stoner bus driver on the Simpsons, or a 115-yo German man. Calvin, Corbin and Tait are nobjectionable but none of them are as exciting or distinctive as Orson.
    Hey - thanks for your comments. After having read them, my husband is now seriously considering Orson, where he apparently didn't like it before... We both like Orson Drake too. So thanks!

    Sadly, now that he's read about the Otto - Simpsons association he is now saying that there are lots of characters in shows named Otto and he has dropped it from his list. I'll keep it on in case.
    As to Roman, I completely agree with you. This is what I thought at first as well, but it has grown on me over the past 3+ months and now I really love it. I think it goes so well with Anika.

    Quote Originally Posted by emmabobemma View Post
    Loving Blade's suggestion of Orson Drake. Bear and dragon - fierce!
    After Orson, I love Oskar with a K. It would be great with Annika, and it certainly feels German/Scandinavian. Makes me think of Oskar Schlemmer and Oskar Schindler.
    I like Oscar/Oskar as well, but I do have the Oscar the Grouch association. I think it would go away pretty quickly as soon as it was a sweet little newborn's name though - same with Otto.

    Quote Originally Posted by fairchild View Post
    1. Roman - cute and strong at the same time. Sounds cute with Anika.
    2. Otto - adorable name. Seems like the most natural pairing with Anika to me - like they're made to be
    3. Oliver - a favorite of mine that I probably wouldn't use due to increasing popularity, but I still love it when others use it.

    It was hard to pick!
    It is, isn't it? And unlike with my DD's name, where our list of names for her all went together well and we were able to pick a middle name out of the list, hardly any of the names on this list really go well together, so we will definitely need to figure out a middle name.

    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    With the European and exotic Anika, I would choose one of the following names.

    Something with the same flair...


    Something different...

    My favs

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    [QUOTE=uselesskitty;1753198]My son's middle name is Wolf [QUOTE]
    Awesome I do really like Wolf as a mn.

    Quote Originally Posted by killromance View Post
    Both my son's name, and my surname, is on your list. As well as a fav of mine, and my uncle's first name. So it's a hard list to choose from! But with Anika I would go with Oliver, Oscar/Oskar or Roman. Have you considered Gabriel, Gustav, Frank?
    Hmmm no, we never picked those names out (we being me)… I like Gabriel, but it’s not quite unusual enough. Gustav is not my style and Frank is a bit too old-fashioned. I’ll bring them up. Our tastes seem to change so frequently I’m getting whiplash!

    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    I actually know a sibset with an Annika and brother Zeke.
    That’s funny. I had actually brought up Zeke with DH not too long ago. He didn’t like it and I didn’t want it to be for Ezekiel, just Zeke. I think it’s really cute. Maybe I’ll bring it up again.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

    I’d like to think we’re closer to a name, but I feel as though we keep going back and forth so much I think I’ll just leave the list as is and maybe put lines through some of them for now, in case they make a comeback.

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    I like Orson too and I think that Orson Magnus would be a great combo.


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