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  • Orson

    7 16.28%
  • Otto

    2 4.65%
  • Oliver

    3 6.98%
  • Oscar/Oskar

    9 20.93%
  • Corbin

    1 2.33%
  • Calvin

    5 11.63%
  • Roman

    6 13.95%
  • Griffin

    6 13.95%
  • Tait/Tate

    1 2.33%
  • Drake

    3 6.98%
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    Post Boy after Girl (Anika). Need help and suggestions!

    Help! My husband and I can't decide on a name.
    He goes through favourites - he has always been obsessed with Magnus (I refuse). In December he decided Corbin was his favourite. But then switched to Oscar/Oskar and as of a few days ago his now favourite is Drake.

    Here's a bit of background:

    My DD's name is Anika Vivian.
    Our last name is Hentschel.

    DH's family is French Canadian and German.
    My family (way back) is Irish, Scottish, English, and a bit of German and French.
    DH does not like any Irish names...

    We picked Anika because we thought it was was fairly unique and sounded Germanic to us (it's used in Swedish and elsewhere and is a diminutive of Anne). We never wanted her to be nicknamed because there are two Annie's in my family. We pronounce it AH-ni-kah. Not AW-ni-kah. We often get Ah-NI-kah at doctors' offices.
    There was no particular meaning to Anika or Vivian (no family names); however, we realized that it's like my name in that it begins and ends with an A and has a K in between (for my husband Kevin). Didn't intend for this! Since we noticed this, my sister said she had as well and suggested Keenan and Drake - both of which have letters from our names incorporated. I don't care if we do this or not, just something we noticed. DH is more enamored with this than I am.

    So we have a decent list. I think it's about 10 names. We'd like the name to be relatively unique, so Oliver really sticks out on the list. I'm aware of this, but really love it, so am leaving it on.

    Obviously it needs to sound good with our last name and it would be nice if it fit well with Anika.

    Also we have no ideas for middle names other than Wolf. And given that many of our names are animal-based, Wolf would be quite silly, so definitely would love to hear thoughts on middle names that would go with the names we like.

    Thanks so much!

    Oh I'll do a poll. Some won't fit on it. I will remove the ones that one of us has vetoed.
    Here is the actual list, not in order of preference.

    1. Orson
    2. Otto
    3. Oliver
    4. Oscar or Oskar
    5. Corbin
    6. Calvin
    7. Roman (my current favourite)
    8. Griffin
    9. Tate/Tait (DH not too fond of. I like it because it's Scandinavian like Anika's name)
    10. Drake (DH"s current favourite)
    Severin (DH not too fond of)
    Damon (DH vetoed)
    Magnus (I've vetoed)
    Thorsten (DH vetoed)
    Edwin (DH likes and I like, but I'm not comfortable with b/c it's his brother's middle name)
    Edward (we both like, but is way too common - might be a good mn)
    Hunter (might still be on the list).
    Keenan (probably not - DH doesn't like Irish names)

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    Thanks for all he explanation and background. For me the absolute standout was Orson. It's a very rare, but not unfamiliar, very masculine, but not macho, name-- the double sweet spot. It has a Germanic background without being stereotypically so; with the popularity of modern -son names he would have no trouble blending in on a playground, nor in a hipster enclave. It has a great, nature-connected meaning, and a namesake in the form of Orson Welles.

    No K, though. What about Orson Drake?

    As for your others-- Roman is an adjective and a citizenship; Griffin is a slightly misspelled mythological monster; Otto is the stoner bus driver on the Simpsons, or a 115-yo German man. Calvin, Corbin and Tait are nobjectionable but none of them are as exciting or distinctive as Orson.
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    Orson - I like this name, it sounds strong and handsome. It works well with your daughter's name.
    Otto - I know a really nice guy with this name, so I definitely like it.
    Oliver - I don't really like this name too much
    Oscar or Oskar - I like the name, but I always think of Oscar the grouch from Sesame street
    Corbin - I am really liking this name lately, I think it will go well with your daughter's name too.
    Calvin - NMS
    Roman - I like this, it sounds strong and solid. Easy to say and spell and sounds good with dd name.
    Griffin - NMS
    Tate- I like this, but I don't think it goes well with your daughter's name
    Drake - This name is nice, although, I prefer some of your others on the list like Orson, Otto, Corbin or Roman

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    Loving Blade's suggestion of Orson Drake. Bear and dragon - fierce!
    After Orson, I love Oskar with a K. It would be great with Annika, and it certainly feels German/Scandinavian. Makes me think of Oskar Schlemmer and Oskar Schindler.

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    1. Roman - cute and strong at the same time. Sounds cute with Anika.
    2. Otto - adorable name. Seems like the most natural pairing with Anika to me - like they're made to be
    3. Oliver - a favorite of mine that I probably wouldn't use due to increasing popularity, but I still love it when others use it.

    It was hard to pick!

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