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    If you were a celebrity...?

    If you were a celeb and you could name your baby any name (or not name) you wanted what would you choose?

    I came across a blog, unfortunately I can't remember the name of it, and it was of a mother with three girls, Pilot, Penn and Poet, the reasons that she called her childen these names were because her and her husband did not know people with these names and they wanted their children to become their own people.
    If you had the courage what would you name your children?

    Just thought it would be fun

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    I'd probably use my two guilty pleasure names as first names: Zenobia and Leander. Both are possible middles though
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    My name choices wouldn't change JUST because I was a celebrity. I would choose names off my list although I'm sure they would get less weird looks if I was a celeb.

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    Well...I named my daughter Leonie which I guess is weird enough for some. I have some names I don't have the guts to Io is one that I love but wouldn't use. Probably not even if I were a celebrity!

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    I don't think it would change too much. But just for fun, I'd go with Lavender Bria for a girl and Zephyrus Orion for a boy
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