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Thread: Lawrence?

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    So I have been looking through my family tree, which I do more often than I care to admit! I discovered the name Lawrence and loved it instantly! My husband even likes it (I'm shocked at that!)

    So what to you think of Lawrence? Do you think it's a big name for a tiny baby?
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    I like Lawrence too but I can't decide between it and the alternate spelling, Laurence. Either way, I love the nn Laurie I don't think it's too big for a baby and I can definitely see it on a little boy!

    Also I think it works really well with your two little girls' names in your signature!

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    I think it's a very good name. I know a few people with that name (early twenties), but I have yet to encounter a baby Lawrence.

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    I like Lawrence. It is a good name. I do prefer the Lawrence spelling because it seems more masculine and almost cowboyish. I wouldn't worry about it being a big name for a tiny baby, because that tiny baby won't stay tiny long.
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    Lawrence is a great manly classic. It's my dad's name and dh's middle. The lack of a good nickname (no way I could do Larry) has kept it out of the first name spot for us but I can see it's appeal.

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