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    Henry's sister is hamstrung by her middle name.....

    My son Henry is getting a little sister this summer! Her middle name will be Cynthia (a family name), and our last name starts with S....the combination of which is kind of limiting.

    For my taste, I feel I need to eliminate all H, C, and S names. I am not a fan of same-sounding sibling names, I don't want my daughter to be nicknamed CeCe/CC, and tho I absolutely love alliteration within a name, 3 S sounds is too much for one little girl. Also, because Cynthia is more of a throwback name - and a mouthful - I feel the first name should be something shorter, fresher/newer, and with a non-"ia" ending. Unfortunately, this eliminates a lot of my favorites (Sienna, Sidney, Chloe, Avia, etc)

    My short list, in order of preference, is:

    I Love love love Zoe but am concerned it is too matchy with Henry. Also, is Marley automatically associated with Bob Marley?

    All thoughts or new ideas really appreciated!!!!!!

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    Maya and Gemma are my favourites off your list.
    Maya Cynthia sounds better than Gemma Cynthia, though they, sadly, both sound kind of funny with the middle name. I love Gemma with Henry though. I understand why you're torn
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    thanks, shvibziks.....i know, it's a tough one.

    Do you think Zoe is too matchy with Henry?

    I am open to other names too, these are just the ones I have come up with based on what's been ruled out due to being in use by family members already.....

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    I don't think Zoe is too matchy with Henry. I actually find Marley to sound matchier, although the styles are very different. Zoe Cynthia is lovely!
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    Zoe is not too matchy with Henry, especially since the two names are different styles and origins: Zoe is of Greek origin and Henry is of German origin. Henry and Zoe make a nice sibset!
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