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    Royal CAF (Seventeenth century) Round 1

    Note: Please don’t use MN’s in the game.


    You are a Baroness in the French Court born in 1620 in London. In 1638 when you are 18, The King of France, Louis XII dies without specifying an heir. His two daughters now are fighting to get the throne-

    Madame Royal, Duchesse of Burgundy, Princess Marie is 18 and widow of the Duke of Burgundy, Henry and has a 2-year old daughter named ______.

    Princess Sophie, Queen Consort of Norway, is 16 and married to King William of Norway . The two also have a 2-year old daughter whose name is______.

    Your name: Anna Mary Katherine Lucy Elizabeth Diana Victoria Jane Sarah Julia Sophia Olivia Louisa Susanna Judith Isabella Edith

    Name of Marie's daughter: Louise Anne Elise Lucie Julie Vivienne Jeanne Suzanne Lucille Lucienne Isabelle Elaine
    Name of Sophie’s daughter: Emma Celine Elise Julia Victoria Sofia Emilie Anna Aurora Julie

    Now both the sisters are asking you for your support. Roll a d4, if the number is 1 or 2 then you support Marie. If it is 3 or 4 then you support Sophie.
    War ends soon in the year 1638 itself. Who has won? Roll a d8,

    1,2,3: Your side wins. You become a Countess by the gratefulness of the new Queen of France. And you marry the Duke of Normandy, Duc (Duke) _____ and become the Duchesse Consort of Normandy. Then in 1640 you have a child, roll a d6, 1,2,3,4: girl, 5,6: boy. The child is your heir and is titled as Lord/Lady.

    4,5,6: Your side loses. The princess you are supporting gets executed by the new Queen and her husband also (if she has). You adopt her daughter as your own. The new Queen mercies you and you promise to be loyal to her. You become a Viscountess and marry the Count of Rhine, Count_____. And if Sophie was at your side, the new Queen also becomes the Queen of Norway!

    7,8: Your side loses and the whole family of your side is executed by the new Queen but still she mercies you. You stay a Baroness and marry the Viscount of Marseille,______. Two years later, in 1640 you have a child, roll any die- even is girl and odd is boy. The child is your heir.

    All male names: Henry Edouard Phillipe Pierre Louis Marc Charles Isaac Jean Guillaume Olivier Hugo Clement

    All female names: Anne Isabelle Emma Emilie Louisa Louise Vivienne Rose Julia Catherine Lucy Victoria Genevieve Florine Clementine Elise Eloise Annabelle Elaine Suzanne Michelle

    This year: 1640

    Now list everyone with ages and birth dates here:

    End of round 1, Thanks for playing!

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