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Thread: Valencia

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    Hello beautiful berries,

    I am hoping to get your opinion on the name Valencia. I have no attachment to the city whatsoever, no desire to travel there, no family or cultural heritage, I really just like the sound of the name and the meaning, brave/strong.

    What do you think about naming a child after a place name that has no relevance you?

    Thanks for your advice, I am also open to suggestions,


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    I think it's a wonderful name. Makes me think of Valencia oranges, and Spain of course. There was someone here a while back who was considering it.. She was a former Los Angelean I believe, and had lived on Valencia St.
    I might feel a little funny naming someone Valencia if I'd never been there, but I think it's completely doable. People name their kids Georgia without any connection to the place.

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    My first thoughts are of oranges & California. I like the sound. Why not?

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    I think it is a lovely name! Different and unique, but not too weird or made up. Lots of parents call their daughters Siena, Verona, Geneva etc. without having a link to these beautiful cities.
    The only question I would have is what you would use as a nickname? Val? Cia? Lena?

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    For what it's worth, someone I went to high school with just named her daughter Valencia Charlotte. The name was never even on my radar before - I wonder if people are starting to take note of it?

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