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    Cute nicknames for boys

    My husband (who rarely offers input or suggestions about baby names) said that he would like a name for our third boy that has a cute/cool nickname. Since he is actually voicing his likes/dislikes, I am running with it! We have a 3 year old named Griffin, who we often call Griff or Griffey. We also have a 9 year old named Carter Benjamin, who we often call Ben. Problem is, I can think of very few names I like that could be shortened for a cute/cool nickname. These are the names we like and are throwing around right now. Any ideas on nicknames for them? Any suggestions of other names with nicknames would be much appreciated! Thanks bunches!


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    My toddler is James and we have taken to calling him Jay and Jay-bird. I know technically jaybirds aren't sweet birds but it's sweet on him.

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    Jay-bird is adorable! I like the nickname suggestion Huck. Wonder if there are any more names that could be shortened to Huck? I had thought of Eli for Elliot before. Thank you all!

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    Hudson- Hud

    Carter, Griffin, and

    Rafferty- Rafe/ Bennett- Ben/ Lawson- Law/ Colter/Colton- Cole, Colt/ Asher- Ash/ Finian, Findley- Finn/ William- Will, Liam

    Or why not just a short, crisp name- Grant, Hugh, Rhett, Miles, Reed, Beau seem your style.

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