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Thread: Eamon or Ian?

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    I like both Ian and Eamon, I think I like Ian more but Eamon is a little more unexpected and quirky.

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    I really love both names! I agree that Eamon is a little less expected, but I can't disount Ian. I personally have never met an Ian.

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    I love Ian! Such a classic and I love the sound.

    I like Eamon too and agree it is more unique, but I think you run into pronunciation issues. Even though Ian is also not pronounced phonetically, it is a well-known name so will encounter fewer issues.
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    I would go with Ian, just because of pronunciation issues with Eamon. I also can't get the image out of my head of a Jamaican saying "ayyy mahn", even though it's actually pronounced slightly different.

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    Eamon is lovely, my four year old neighbour is a lovely little Eamon with a brother named Finley. How about:

    Eamon Patrick
    Eamon Steven

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