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    Maternal: Leonard Emil and Mary Lou
    Paternal: Owen Charles and Gwenyth Jane

    Fiance's grandparents (don't know all middles!):
    Sarah and Daniel
    Grace and Reuben Francis

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    Maternal: Ruby Angelina & Virgil Melford

    Paternal: Blanche (no middle name) & George Andrew

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    Paternal: Valentina and Jacob
    Maternal: Celia and Joseph
    Hopeless romantic and proud momma of two princesses:
    Isabella Jane & Vanessa Rose

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    My mother's name is Kathy Lynn, and her parents are William Russell (nn Bill) and Linda Lee.

    Not sure about my grandpa's parents, but my grandma (Linda) was the daughter of Flossie and (I think) Edward. (I'm not really sure if my great-grandma was actually named Flossie, or if it was just short for Florence; I've gotten different answers depending on who I've asked.) Flossie's parents (my great-great-grandparents) were Leo (I'm pretty sure short for Leonard) and Rose.

    My father's name is Scott Edward, and his mother's name is Martha Rowena. I think his father's name was Frank, but he wasn't present or involved when my dad was growing up, and I never knew him. Martha's parents (my great-grandparents) were William and Martha (not sure of middle names). As for my great-great-grandparents, William's parents were Charles and Agnes, and Martha's parents were Albert and Vina (I think short for Lavina, since that's also my great-aunt's middle name).

    My step-mom's name is Sandra Kay (nn Sandy), and her parents are Donald (nn Don) and Barbara Jane (nn Barb).

    My mother-in-law is Nancy Lorraine, and her parents are Earl and Lodema (often called "Deem" by her husband).

    My father-in-law is Roderick Lee, and his parents were Herbert Ross (nn Herb) and Verena Ilene (went by Ilene); his step-mother was Marjorie (nn Marge). Herbert's parents were Henry and Ella.

    Other nifty names from the grandparent/great-grandparent/great-great-grandparent generations of our family tree:
    Agnes Lavina and Ruby Lucretia (sisters of Martha Rowena), Dorothy, Betty, Elwyn (nn Windy), Leland (sisters and brothers of Flossie), Clarence (shows up twice -- brother of my great-great-grandpa Albert AND brother of Herbert Ross), and Otto and Velda (another brother and a sister of Herbert Ross).

    What I find interesting, going back through the names in these generations is that a lot of names that strongly reflect the family's ethnicity are represented -- lots of very Italian or Irish sounding names upthread, along with the heavily German names of my husband's father's family.

    For our own list of potential names, we've included Florence, Ilene (probably only as a middle, maybe spelled Eileen), Dorothy, and Martha for girls, and Charles, Henry (probably only as a middle), and William (probably only as a middle) for boys.
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    I don't know middle names



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