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    What were you almost called?

    I thought this might be kind of fun! My parents had an interesting list of names for me. They ended up with Hunter M@rlena, but I was almost Emily or Rebecca. If I was a boy I would have been Zachary. Hunter is so not the same style as Emily, Rebecca, and Zachary!

    How about you?

    Rhoswen Edythe Lark
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    Levon David Grant

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    My parents thought Penny (I am a red head) would be cute but it is not their style. I was adopted as a newborn, my birth family has a Scottish background, so they wanted to give me a Scottish name. It was a very thoughtful gesturer. Just like them.

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    My parents were thinking of naming me either Victoria, Veronica, Jennifer or Ryan.

    Lavinia Luna ♡ Juniper Sybil ♡ Cressida Petra

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    I was almost Katherine or Caitlin, though my mother was leaning more towards Katherine. In the end, she decided on Taylor instead. (My father didn't provide much input so my mom pretty much had free reign to name me whatever she pleased.)
    If I had been a boy, I would have been Skylar or Reed. I think Sam was also being considered.


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    My mom liked Olivia and Salome, which made me really mad because she ended up giving me a name I hate whereas I love Olivia
    And my dad liked Anna and Angelica
    greek teenberry

    Annelie Neva Alessia Noelle Emilia Opal Erica Olive Maja Florence
    Felicia Madelief Elka Mae Nessa Maeve Taina "Tai" Beatrice
    Flora Madeline Nova Jade Malin Reese
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