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    Mismatched Names

    Does anyone you know, maybe you, have a mismatched first and middle? What is it, if you don't mind sharing? I always find these so funny & interesting to read
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    Arthur Elliot • Hugo Augustus • Walter Alistair
    Silas • Jasper • Oscar • Tobias • Julian • Harrison

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    Flora Beatrice • Lydia Josephine • Cora Josephine
    Isobel • Louisa • Florence • Violet • Daphne
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    I am Kirsten Leigh
    Unconventional first for 80s baby in U.K. But totally filler middle
    Wish my mum could have convinced my dad on Florence Betsy as middles instead- my grandmothers names she wanted to use

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    I don't know if this falls in this category but Eleanor Nora is a name i've heard and find hard the -nor Nor- pronunciation lol, but I think that bot names are actually gorgeous
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    ♠Thiago Sasha Cove ♠
    /ˈsɑːʃə/:''defending men"

    ♠Leandro Tristan Yves ♠
    /'ɪv/:"yew wood"

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    I've always thought my name was pretty damn mismatched. It's Annamaria Ailis. It's so weird that one name is super Italian and the other is super Irish, especially since I'm not all that Italian.

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    My brother’s name is Max Louis... people always raise an eyebrow when they find out. It’s a trendy-cool first name for a 90s kid, and a rather old fashioned proper middle. He doesn’t think they match at all
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    Or a...
    Asa Magnus, Florian Apollo, Phoenix Dale, Roland Merit, Otto Ezra, Cypress Hayes

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