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    Names I heard recently

    Over the past weekend I was in DC for a big event and met a lot of people and their kids. Thought I would share some names I heard:

    Sibset: Alexander John (A.J.), Robert James (Robby), and Desmond William
    Their mother (who has the interesting name Jewels, a nn for Julie that has stuck) has a Jewish father. In the Jewish tradition, A.J. shares his initials with Jewels' grandfather Arthur Jerome.

    Sibset: Isabella, Zoe, & Jackson
    Their mother, who has the interesting name Brice, looks pretty cutting edge (lots of tattoos, short pink hair) but picked pretty popular/trendy names for the kiddos.

    Kateri Therese - newborn daughter of a very Catholic friend. Both names are saints' names. Pronounced kuh-TAIR-ee tuh-REZ. The repeating tuh sounds bother me but I like that the name is so meaningful to the parents. Kateri is a Mohawk Indian variant of Katherine. I have read the Mohawks pronounce it GOD-uh-lee. Weird.

    Carmela - Kateri's older sister. I am kinda loving this right now.

    Maïwenn - this is the name of the French actress who played the diva Plava Laguna in the movie The Fifth Element. It's a Breton name but I am unsure how to pronounce it. It's also rumored she inspired the character Mathilda in the film The Professional. The director Luc Besson met her when she was a child. Later they had a daughter together, called Shanna.

    Lucia - The wife of a colleague of mine. They are Canadian. She's lovely and it made me see this name anew. She pronounces it the Italian way: loo-CHEE-uh.

    Sibset: Kimberlee, Abigayle, Madilynn, Jaemison, Emmerich, & Atticus
    Interesting mix of the trendy/kree8yv and kind of nice. I like Emmerich a lot. They range in age from 8 to 19. (More Catholics.)

    Trena -A woman of 29 from California had this name. Not short for anything, just Trena. She is the oldest of 12. Her youngest sibling is 6. (Yes, more Catholics.) The only names I remember her mentioning were Sarah and Joel.

    Marion - Met a young woman of 20 with this name. There's something refined and austerely pretty about it.

    Gwenyth - Met a young woman in her 20s with this name, blonde and pretty. This name is so blonde. I really like this name. She made it seem sprightly and elegant at the same time.

    Randolph - A man in his early 50s, tall and capable and handsome with silver hair. Doesn't like to be called Randy. Never met a Randolph before but he made it look good.

    Pavel - A Canadian in his late 30s of Eastern European descent. Pronounces the first syllable to rhyme with Pat. PA-vull.

    Rebekah - interesting spelling

    Madeline - Woman aged 21. Pronounced MAD-uh-line.

    Some names for thought!

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    There seems to be a lot of Canadians in Washington at this time! Kateri and Maiwenn ("mah-ee-wen" said very quickly that it almost sounds like "my-wen") are interesting. I think Lucia and Pavel would make a wonderful sibset. Thanks for sharing!
    All the best,

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    Some interesting names! I particularly like Randolph, I had never heard that name before, but sounds like a good solid name! Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by missusaytch View Post
    Rebekah - interesting spelling
    A legit one though : ) Bible spelling I think.

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