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    Loie for a girl. She is the red head repeatedly seen in taluse lautrec's (sp?) Paintings. think old french posters and moulin rouge. she was a real person, a famous choreographer and I think her real name might have been louisa which was on your list. I also love Poppy like the flower and Elodie. Lucy after lucille Ball. Annika and Wren would also be cute on a little red haored girl. You could use Reid for a boy or girl which literally means 'red head'. It also is usually great in the mn place. Loie Reid, Merrick Reid, Poppy Reid. For boys Merrick is great as are Thatcher and Emmitt, Ridley, Rafferty, Griffin, and Peregrine.
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    My red-headed sister is named Natalie - it works really well for her, I think!

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    Fun to picture a wee red-head! Names I like that are somewhat similar to the style of those you listed:

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    From your list I really like Merrick and Kier, Cora and Livia!

    My hubby is a red head and we're hoping for kids with red hair! So far our son is super blond. Maybe the next will be red. We were considering Rowan for a girl or boy with red hair. Lately I have been really liking Cassia as well.
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    I think Cora is perfect for a redhead!!! Merrick is my favorite of the boy choices.

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