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    Defo sounds like a growth spurt my twins did it at that age too luckily i always fed them st the same time otherwise i think i may have died from lack of sleep lol they were up every hour for feeding which lasted a week. then just as i thought i had got them back in to routine thy would do it again.
    It was really hard but totally worth it they are both very healthy girls hardly ever ill whoch i put down to my breast feeding. Plus they are very healthy weights for their age where as lots of their bottle fed friends are like elephants. So glad i stuck at at especially as my healther visitor kept telling me i wiuld never be able to breastfeed twins so not to bother trying!

    You have done 3 nights not many left to go so keep at and get sleep when she sleeps good luck!

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    I feel for you! Up every hour, yikes! As others have said it does sound a bit like a growth spurt. I've just weaned my boy after 18months, so i've got a few months off before the next one arrives in July. In the early days/months with him I found this website quite helpful: plenty of useful articles and interesting reading too -- if you have time!

    There are also facebook groups set up, the two i'm thinking of a based in New Zealand, but the information will be universal. Otherwise you could search for something more local to you. They are: La Leche League New Zealand, and Breastfeeding New Zealand. There are always lots of discussions going on on their pages, as well as the opportunity to submit questions to the admins which are then posted as a status update so everyone following sees the question and can chip in and offer support/advice (these can be anonymous if you are concerned about privacy).

    Anyway, it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job so far! This will only be temporary I'm sure
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    My daughter went through a phase like that around 3 months too, except her marathon feedings were during the day. It'll pass, but its too bad its a night. Have you been to the Isis Parenting website? Nancy Holtzman has lots of good breastfeeding and sleeping tips and webinars. Good luck, and remember it'll pass.

    You can follow her on Twitter too, I do. @nancyholtzman
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    Quote Originally Posted by laci_rene View Post
    Thanks for the replay. I don't think it's a supply issue. My lactation consultant has told me I have an over active supply and let down. I had to block feed for a week to tame the beasts a little. It was so bad I had to pump every couple hours to keep from engorging. Even the nights she slept 5 or 6 hours I'd have to get up and pump because sleeping on the boulders was impossible lol! My baby would choke and latch on and off the whole time before I block fed and when shed come off my milk would squirt clear across the room. I once squished the windshield from the backseat of my car! 0_o I appreciate the reply tho, I didn't realize the mismatch thing happened to some women. I'm hoping your right and it's just a growth spurt...
    just parachuting back in to say that supply definitely does not sound like your problem!!

    You could try pumping during the day, after she feeds, so you'll have a little extra to give her at night. It might space things out a bit and help you rest. But you're halfway through the week, so almost there.
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    Most definitely cluster feeding due to growth spurt! Completely normal and healthy.
    I thought i finally got my kids to eat only 3 large meals, and now one asked every 2hrs for food. Growth spurt! Crazy, i told her Shes tall enough haha
    You're doing a fabulous job, mama! keep up the good work!
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