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    HELP! Is it me or a growth spurt???

    Hey berries!! I need your help!!! My daughter is 3.5 months old. I stay home w her and she is exclusively breastfed. She still eats around every 2-2.5 hours during the day. I think that might be kind of frequent for her age but it doesn't bother me to nurse on demand. She usually sleeps 4 hours at night, sometimes 5, occasionally 6. BUT, heres my problem- the past 3 nights she's been up every hour! She wakes up hungry and almost sucks my boob off lol She's def eating, it's not a comfort suck. But it's driving me crazy. I feel like my head barely hits the pillow and she's up again! Has anyone else experienced this? Nothing has changed so I can't put my finger on what's happening. During the day she stays on a 90 minute schedule. It's not always 90 min to the tee but around there. She naps, wakes up and eats, plays, and then naps again 90 min after she woke up. And that hasn't changed in a month, so I don't think it's anything were doing different in the daytime. Maybe a growth spurt? I don't believe in the "cry I out" method. I feel like at her age if she's crying she needs something and if she's hungry I don't want to deprive her. I know breastfed babies are generally hungrier faster than bottlefed babies but every hour at night?? Yikes!!! Any advice is helpful!

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    Since it's occurring mainly at night it sounds much more likely to be a growth spurt rather than a supply problem (unless you have even noticed a circadian rhythm to your milk supply; some women do, particularly as the baby begins to sleep through the night). These supply/demand mismatches are completely normal, nearly universal, and very frustrating. It would make your life much easier to supplement with formula to give your body time to catch up, if you're open to it. You don't lose any of the benefits of breastfeeding via formula supplementation, and you no longer have an angry, hungry baby... not to mention some precious sleep.

    If not, *if* your supply catches up, it should do so in a week or so. If you're finding yourself not able to satisfy her despite demand feeding, aggressive hydration, etc, then it might be a permanent supply/demand mismatch (again, very common), and you'll have to start supplementing with formula in order to meet her nutritional needs.
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    Thanks for the replay. I don't think it's a supply issue. My lactation consultant has told me I have an over active supply and let down. I had to block feed for a week to tame the beasts a little. It was so bad I had to pump every couple hours to keep from engorging. Even the nights she slept 5 or 6 hours I'd have to get up and pump because sleeping on the boulders was impossible lol! My baby would choke and latch on and off the whole time before I block fed and when shed come off my milk would squirt clear across the room. I once squished the windshield from the backseat of my car! 0_o I appreciate the reply tho, I didn't realize the mismatch thing happened to some women. I'm hoping your right and it's just a growth spurt...

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    It sounds like cluster feeding which is common at growth spurts there is usually one at about 6 weeks and one at 12. I know it's hard, but this actually well help you with your supply in the long run.

    This too shall pass

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    This happened when my daughter was a baby. That's when I started sleeping with her in the bed so I could pass out while she nursed!

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