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    BNG Morph- Nameberry Ticker & Makeover

    This is the first (I hope if this goes OK) of morphs of the usual nb games. This one mixes the ticker game and sibset makeover.

    1. Look at the nb ticker and pick the first name that pops out. The next name of that sex will be the middle name. Do this for four names.

    2. Will makeover these four names so they make a acceptable sibset. They will then do what person one did.

    Brendan Clark
    Evelyn Tempest
    Liam Malin
    Nora Eve

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    Oooooh sorry if it isn't clear. You should have 8 names on each post-4 ones you have made over and 4 new combos from the nb ticker. Lets start again.

    Elizabeth Maureen
    Wyatt Theodore
    Alaric Ezra
    Isabel Anya

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