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    I love the name Pandora. I go back and forth between this and Isadora. Panda as a nickname is adorable!

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    My sister is set on calling her first little girl pandora nn dora tho think its linked more nowadays to pandora bracelets
    Im not so keen on panda tho but thats only because my family have dark circles under our eyes so have been called panda eyes a few times.

    Pandora is a really pretty name tho!

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    Pandora is okay. Panda as a nn is weird and I like it! I actually think it's adorable.

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    I love Pandora, and the nickname Panda is one of the cutest things I've ever heard. I had a friend Amanda growing up who we called Panda, I loved it.

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    I think Panda is a sweet family nickname... not something she's going to want everyone in school calling her, but rather more of a "pet name" to call her at home, the way my dad called me "Heather Feather" and my sister "Brookie Cookie". I think people project their own feelings onto mythological stories. Pandora was not necessarily a bad character... rather she demonstrated that sometimes "curiosity kills the cat"... that curiosity can be dangerous if left unchecked, but yes, the world would be incredibly boring without it! Eve is another name that is used all the time, yet some might say she, too, "unleashed all evil on the world".

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