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    I love it!!!

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    I agree that Panda is a cute family nickname. I couldn't see it being used in any professional capacity though. Too cutesy.

    Pandora is okay, and has the option of Dora as well. Definitely GP but I could see it being used by a brave couple who felt that it had meaning for them.
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    Not a fan of Pandora. The poor girl would have to deal with guys asking her to open her box her whole life, and any other box-related sexual jokes they come up with. Not just through high school...I know several adult men who would have a field day coming up with double entendres around the name. Pretty in theory, a burden in reality.

    Panda might be a cute nn around the house, but I can't see it doing well in everyday life. Dora is more useable in real life IMO.
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    I think Panda is the cutest nick name. Pandora is pretty, but a little fantastic for my style.

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    No, Pandora is pretentious and I fear a little girl would be teased with "Panda Bear." If you must, then I would try the nn's Pandi or Pippi.

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