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    Pandora is a beautiful name! Definitely a GP of mine as well! Panda is a very cute nickname, I think. I agree with ellieberry, it would be very refreshing to meet a little Pandora in real life!

    I think the only downside of Pandora is the myth, which really isn't that big of a deal in my opinion.

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    Pandora is beautiful but I just imagine a teenage Pandora having to deal with jokes about opening her "box"...

    I really don't like Panda, though. It's just too out there.

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    The overriding negative association with Pandora does the name in for me. Panda is not an appealing nn either. I picture a big chubby bear.

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    I don't mind Pandora, but it sounds a bit like someone trying to be British-upper-crust.

    Not a fan of cutesy nicknames like Panda, I'm afraid.

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    I love Pandora. I don't see what's so bad about her, she was curious (a good thing in my opinion, if she hadn't been curious she'd have been incredibly dull) and did exactly what Zeus thought she would do (he knew she was going to open the box). However, she was created and given as a punishment to Epimetheus after his brother stole fire and gave it to mortals.

    Nick name Panda is super cute.

    Nice things about the name: song by Cocteau Twins "Pandora", song by Tori Amos "Pandora's Aquarium". A moon, and Pandora "Panda" Moon of Skins.

    Anesidora is pretty too, it's sometimes related to Pandora, and sometimes to Demeter.
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