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    Name help for baby boy due in mid-Feb.

    Hi, Berries, my husband and I are in need of some help!

    It looks like we will be adopting a baby boy due in mid-February.

    Older sister is Catherine Amelia, called Kate. Top picks for a first name are Henry, Miles and Theodore (called Theo). I'm leaning towards Henry, but my husband likes the names pretty equally. Last name starts with an L, has two syllables, and ends with an 'ay' sound. For a future son, we'd use one of the two first name picks we aren't using now. For a future daughter, we like Caroline or Margaret (just to give you an idea of what a sib set might look like in the future and our overall taste in names). Our taste is generally classic, but we also like surname-type middles, particularly for boys.

    The baby's birth family is Marshallese and one thing we have in common with them is our religious faith. The Marshallese celebrate Gospel Day every year in remembrance of the missionaries who brought the Gospel to the islands, so we'd like to choose a name that honors a key figure in Christianity in the Marshall Islands.

    We did a little research and found that George Pierson and Edward Toppin Doane were the first missionaries to the Marshall Islands. Hiram Bingham Jr. was a missionary who spearheaded missionary efforts in the Pacific Islands as a whole (like his father before him) and dropped off Pierson and Doane, who traveled with him on a vessel called the Morning Star. Benjamin Galen Snow was the person who did the bulk of the Bible translation. Edmund Morris Pease led efforts to train Marshallese religious leaders.

    Combos we like so far are Henry Bingham, Miles Benjamin, and Theodore Edmund. Offshoots we've considered for middle names are Bennett (from Benjamin) and Edison (from Edward).

    Please suggest name combos using our first name picks and names from our research (or name offshoots that we could pair with one of our first names), and let us know what you think of our pairings. We feel like we've got some decent combos but aren't sold on any of them just yet. Offshoots might be names that are similar, "son of" names, names that have a similar meaning or association, etc. We're pretty generous in terms of what we consider a related name. : ) We want something linked to one of the missionaries to the Marshallese, but we also want to end up with a nice-sounding name that we love.

    Can't wait to hear your brilliant suggestions!

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    I think Henry and Theodore go best with Catherine. LOVE Theodore Edmund! Henry Bingham is lovely but I also like Henry Benjamin. You say you like surname names, so is Marshall an idea? Henry Marshall and Theodore Marshall are nice.

    Other combos: Henry Edward, Henry Benedict, Henry Pierson, Theodore Pierre, Theodore Bennett, Theodore Maurice

    Good luck

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    Thanks for responding, charlieandperry1!

    Our first thought upon looking at our list was Henry Benjamin, but I was concerned that HENry BENjamin might be a little too repetitious in terms of the EN sound. I'd love to hear what others think about that. If the repetition isn't too much, that might be a top contender for us, so I'm glad you suggested it.

    I did consider using Marshall, but thought that might be a little too superficial, and perhaps problematic if we end up having multiple kids with the same heritage in the future.

    Henry Edward sounds nice, as does Henry Edmund, but with our last name it just makes for HEL (haha), and even without the extra L my husband says mns starting with an E are out for Henry. MEL and TEL still have the okay, though.

    Henry Pierson and Theodore Bennett are definitely contenders.

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    Your top three boy names in full are so great you can't go wrong. I really love Kate and Theo, but Miles Benjamin is incredibly strong.
    I also like Pierson Theodore (Piers or Pierce) with Kate...hmm. Henry Bingham is a fab combo.

    I would add Miles Edward, Henry Doane, and the name Snowdon. Good luck!

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    Oooohhhh, Miles Edward is a good one! Thanks, notcinnamon!

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