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    In most cases, I prefer having a full name such as Katherine for a nn such as Katie. I know a little Katie, and a little Katherine who is called Katie, and I think Katherine feels more complete. She has options, and her name sounds classic. She can be Katie as a little girl, Kate as a young woman, Kit to her husband.... so many options. Katie feels stuck.

    That being said, there are some name I like as stand alone. Perhaps I just associate "Katie" with the 80s and 90s so it feels a little dated.... I hope that was helpful!

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    I don't love it but it's a big trend right now.

    The argument that Dolly & Minnie were legitimate names 100 years ago doesn't work for me because those Dollys & Minnies couldn't really aspire to be professionals like the ones born today.

    My gp names are of the cutesy variety, but I would never use Kitty or Patsy as a full. In fact, they're in the gp category for me because Catherine & Patricia (and variants) do nothing for me.

    I don't think naming your daughter Cindy is child abuse, but I think Cynthia is more commanding & more adult.

    As a petite adult woman I always wished for a name with more presence for professional reasons...and I don't know what I would do if I were Darla or something! Probably change my name!

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    My full name is Annie and i've never had any problems with it. Infact i've always loved that i'm a genuine Annie amongst lots of Annabel's/Anne's calling themselves Annie I do get asked what my full name is occasionally but it doesn't bother me...i actually quite like telling them that this is my real name!

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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    I don't think naming your daughter Cindy is child abuse, but I think Cynthia is more commanding & more adult.
    My name is Cynthia, nn Cindy. I went to school with a couple of girls named Cindy, and I was always thankful that I had a formal name. Cindy is cute, but that is about it. I remember one of the girls name Cindy wished her name was Cynthia.

    There are a few nicknames that can work as stand alone names but the majority of the time I prefer the formal name.
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    I'm in the minority here, but I don't like using nicknames for longer names. In my experience everyone I know that has a formal name is only ever really known by their nickname. And those who have tried to move toward their formal name after using a nickname have failed. It's as though the formal name becomes completely irrelevant, whether the bearer wants it to or not.
    The theory behind it - having two-for-one - is great! Why not have more names/options, right? But it never really seems to works out that way.
    So I suppose I'm saying I don't mind if people use a nickname for the full name since that's likely what they will be called anyway. It's not my personal taste - the cutesy girl names like Kylie, Kaylee, etc. in particular make me cringe.
    If you love the shorter form of a name there's not much sense using the longer form "just because." After all there are plenty of legit names that could be considered nicknames for longer names (Luke/Lucas, Molly/Margaret, Claire/Clarabel, etc). It's all just a matter of taste.
    That's my two cents!

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