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    Can you be more specific?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chriskitten88 View Post
    I am very much considering having only one child, and am fascinated by this. I am one of 6 kids and my sisters are my best friends, so I almost feel selfish for "doing this" to my daughter.

    I do wonder about what it will be like at holidays and on family vacations for her, etc... were you every lonely not having other kids to play with?? Do you worry you'll be the only one bearing the responsibility of caring for your aging parents?

    Another view is how lonely my husband or I would be if one of us were to die and we only had one kid. And what if she never got married or had kids of her own? Then we'd never have grandkids either...

    So much to consider!!
    I can only answer for myself, but I never felt deprived of siblings. If you're one of six, chances are your daughter would grow up with cousins around...not the same, but still family her age. I do think relationships with siblings are one of those things that you really don't miss if you've never experienced. It's not lonely, it's just the way it is--you have parents, relatives, and friends. As I got older, sometimes I'd be able to bring a friend along on vacations or we'd vacation with another family with kids. I was also quite content alone.

    As I mentioned in my above post, I do worry about both me and my husband being the ones responsible for our parents as they get older, but we'll make it work. I've just as often seen friends with siblings get stuck as the only one willing to help or ending up in messy disagreements over care. At least as an only I know it will be my responsibility and I'll do the best I can, you know?

    I guess there's always a chance you won't have grandchildren, or won't have good relationships with your kids, that could happen with two kids too unfortunately. I don't think I'd let that be the sole reason not to have an only.

    That is a lot to consider...hope something in that was helpful.
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    I am the oldest of 4, but 2 of my best friends are only children.

    It is interesting that one grew up longing for a ton of siblings and the other thoroughly enjoyed being an only.
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    I'm not. I have 3 siblings! But I'm married to an only!
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